Simple run and stretch

Nice and simple today– me and my tired legs spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and had a good stretch. I’m pretty pleased that my body’s adapted to lifting to the point where I can have nice recovery runs the day after lifting– not too long ago I’d have been hobbled by DOMS and miserable. Thanks, body, for stepping up to handle the wacky things I keep throwing at you.

Actually, the other day I remembered that I only have a couple more months of lifting before it’s time to start training for my annual 5k. It’s at the beginning of April, so to do the 8 weeks of my Higdon training plan means I switch over around February. I’ve never had any luck lifting when I’m running 5 days a week…(also I need to work on a base, I’ve been running <25 miles/month for a while and I’m going to be in shock when that suddenly ramps up)

My gym, bless its heart, decided that today was the day to start playing Christmas music over the PA. What?! #1, TOO EARLY. #2, who wants to listen to Christmas music at the gym? I wanted to complain but I couldn’t find any staff to talk to. I kept my headphones in.

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Exceeding expectations

I went into the gym today with a bit of an attitude. I thought about doing my squats at the same weight as Tuesday, but a combination of a comment on a previous post (despite being grumpy about it*) and really wanting to get to 150lb made me bite the bullet and go ahead and do it. So: squats/overhead press/deadlift, 150/75/170 accomplished. I suppose I really ought to just keep adding weight until I start missing lifts, not stop because I feel like it’s plenty hard. It’s just… a lot. It’s intimidating.

The squats weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. They’re a different style now; at lower weights I can kind of power on up from the bottom quickly, but now I go much more slowly and really have to ground through my feet. That’s okay, though. Deadlifts were fine, I’m moving right along with those. But OHP, well… today was supposed to be 70lb, actually. And I forgot how to do math and loaded the bar to 75lb without realizing it, and marveled at how hard they were. Oops. But I did all 5 sets, so that’s saying something.

(TMI time!) I was pretty worried about squats today for another reason: my period’s super heavy, and I had this nightmare vision of straining on a lift and having some kind of Carrie moment of extreme feminine product failure. Thankfully, nothing like that happened!

* Occasionally I get drive-by commenters who leave odd or patronizing comments and most of those never see the light of day. Tuesday I had someone leave a comment that was nice enough, encouraging and advice-y, but I was grumpy about it because dang it I know what I’m doing!!! (The comment is there for all to see.) It turned out to be good advice anyway. And lord knows I’m the worst about giving unsolicited advice anyway, so maybe I can take this to heart…

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Recovery run turned fast

I meant to do a nice little treadmill recovery run, just something easy to get me moving, and I started out at a gentle pace. But I wound up turning the treadmill up repeatedly, running a speedy, progressive workout of 3.4mi in 39 minutes. Okay, then! There’s no point in limiting myself when I want to GO. (I’m kind of wiped out now, though! Need some lunch.)

I don’t spend too much time thinking about little sore spots when I’m running, but I’m aware of them and my body cycled through several. They’re in the back of my memory: right hamstring, left foot, left hamstring, right calf. I tried to stretch well afterwards… we’ll see what happens. I probably need some time with the foam roller.

I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday and decided to mention my big squats (hey, I’m proud of it). My mom thinks I’m crazy for lifting; the first thing she said was "don’t hurt yourself!" (Yep mom, that’s #1 on the priority list.) Afterwards she started telling me I was going to have "weird muscles". (They’re perfectly normal muscles, really.) She’s just such a consistent negative reactor to anything I say…

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More lifting; more rambling

Well, that was an exciting 45 minutes! Squat/Bench/Row today, 145/110/75. I’m debating if I’m capped out on squats; I know I’m capped out on bench. I know I’m capped out on bench because I missed the last rep of the last set (thank goodness J was there spotting me– I’m glad I had the good sense to ask him for help). Squats were very hard too; I was doing a lot of grunting, even in the first set. I’m not self-conscious about making noise, but I usually don’t, so that gives me an idea of how hard I had to work. I think I’ll do 145 again on Thursday, and maybe add 5lb next week if it feels doable.

I’ve been thinking about the goal of lifting my body weight. I think for deadlift it’s absolutely an achievable goal– I’m not too far from it now, and I’m still progressing smoothly. Squats will take longer, but I might be able to get there. Bench… that’s definitely a stretch goal. Somewhere back in my brain, something is saying "if you weighed less, this would be easier". But that voice is full of shit. If I weighed less, I wouldn’t be as strong! Some of this glorious muscle would go away too. (Of course some people of all weights lift their body weight. But if I weighed say 145 at the same relative strength as I have now, I obviously wouldn’t be squatting 145lb.)

I made a bad mistake loading up the bar for bench today. I lay down for the first rep, lifted the bar, and it felt weird. Unbalanced. I wrestled it back onto the stand, then looked: The right side was loaded 25lb, 5lb, 2.5lb, and the left was loaded 35lb, 5lb, 2.5lb. Oops. I pulled the 35lb plate off and fixed it and continued. That was a scary moment though, and my first impulse was to tell myself, "No you’re being crazy, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a tough lift, stop stalling". I’m glad I trusted myself to double-check it.

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Major meh

I felt poopy yesterday and did not go for a hike, and today it’s been cruddy and pouring down rain all day. Sigh. I contented myself by playing dancey game for a while. And I ordered Dance Central 2 (less than $10 now! cheap old games, yay) which has a more non-stop workout mode, which should be a little more fun.  (I hate waiting through the victory speeches etc.)

I feel tired and kind of beat up today. Not sure what’s going on, but I hope it settles itself because I’ve gotta go lift tomorrow…

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Well, today was squats/overhead press/deadlifts at 140/65/165. I’ve never tried squatting 140lb before, so I was a little concerned– but it was okay, the hardest part was keeping my back up and making my quads do the work and not my hip flexors. By the end of the 5th set I was pretty tired and grunty. (I promise I won’t title all my posts BIGGEST SQUATS from now on; this was just a new PB for me, though I’m going to add 5lb more next week again.) I’ve been doing the DLs like singles with a couple seconds of rest, but I’m not sure if I need to do that, or if I can just do a regular set of 5, making sure to settle the bar all the way down at the bottom..

I’m researching doing a close-to-home day hike on Sunday. My partner is working that day, so maybe I can talk him in to picking me up when I’m done– but I need to check where there’s a trail crossing close to his work. Mostly I don’t want to do an out-and-back, because I find the "back" part so much less fun. It’s a mile to the trail head, then about 10 miles on the trail to a place it might be convenient for him to pick me up. Or I could go all-out and hike the entire thing, just under 20 miles. But that might be a bit much. I dunno; I can run 7.5 miles and I’ve hiked 10 before, so I would think that a lightly-loaded, non-technical trail hike of 20 miles would be doable, but it really would take me all day. Maybe I’ll just stick to 10, and see how it goes.

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Happy run (with bonus math)

I’m not too sore today– it’s mostly my pecs and abs (I did some accessory crunches and jackknifes yesterday). So I laced up my running shoes and hopped on the treadmill not really expecting anything– and had a surprisingly great run, 3.2 solid miles in 37 minutes. It felt really good, and I kept turning the speed up.

The Colbert Report was on TV, and for a guest he had rockstar mathematician Terence Tao. Tao’s discussion was really interesting, but Colbert kept interrupting him and making stupid jokes and kind of ruined it. Tao took it in stride, though– I’m sure he knew what he was signing up for when he agreed to be on the show. (I want to hear more about prime number theory! And I might have gotten overly excited when Tao said he was working on the fluid equations. /nerd I’ve never been naturally good at math, but I’ve spent enough time with it that we’ve sort of come to an uneasy truce. And the pure math stuff is so arcane but they keep finding neat applications for it, it’s fascinating.)

I must’ve gotten overheated during my run; my face is still flushed and dry in that way that tells me I’m probably going to have a headache later. Hopefully preemptive ibuprofen helps.

I’m also happy because I managed to get the very last drops of a favorite perfume out of the rollerball I keep in my gym bag. (24, Faubourg by Hermes. It’s lovely.) I always feel better with a nice smell on.

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