Done with squats (for now)

Today was the last double squats workout… now, I like squats, but that was a whole lot of ‘em. The heavy ones topped out at 125lb, which felt good and challenging. There’s no more heavy squats left! I’ll miss them, but there’s only one week left in the program….

Everything else was okay. My left knee is still sort of twingey, and I feel like I’m aggravating it with the shoes I’m wearing. I chose a pair of not-yet-broken-in Doc Martens, and they’re so inflexible– I feel like they’re contorting my stride and my ankles are weird. (But they’ll never be broken in if I don’t wear them, right? Sigh.)

I will definitely need a couple days to recover. My upper back is still sore from Tuesday, and I’m adding more soreness on top of that. Nothing but nice yogas for me until maybe Sunday…

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Mid-week moderation

I went to the gym a little bit early this morning to ensure that I was able to move when I did my workout. I’m pretty sore, mostly in my upper back and calves. I get the feeling that by noon everything’s going to seize up.

I decided to do some moderate recovery-level stuff today: 20 minutes running slowly on the treadmill, followed by some yoga. The running part was not so good; my calves are really sore so I wound up stopping to walk a couple times to encourage them to loosen up. The yoga was better; I spent some time working on my hips and then did some sun salutation variations. Stretching things out felt great.

Honestly I probably should’ve just rested today, and with that in mind I’m trying to plan out the remainder of this week. Tomorrow I lift again, and then on Friday I’m taking the day off because I have to take my car in to the shop. The car place is about 1.5 miles from my house, so I was going to just bundle a run into the getting-home-from-the-shop process… but if my legs are still so sore maybe I should just walk directly home. Decisions, decisions. We’ll see how I’m feeling, I guess.

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Deadlifts and hips

Workout 9 today. 75% done with Stage 7! Now that’s a percentage I can appreciate.

Today was double deadlifts, which was fun times. I had a heck of a time doing math with the plates for some reason; it took me 3 tries to get it loaded properly to 155lb. But once I got 155lb on there, the math was easy to bump it to 165lb for the second set at least? That was a lot to lift though; I think I need to stop adding more weight and sit with this one for a while. It was one of those sets where I was counting each rep aloud and struggling to get to the end.

The 4×15 sets were lunges, pushups, Romanian deadlifts and rows. I still hate lunges, but I did them instead of swapping for Bulgarian split squats this time. The pushups felt a little less awful today, at least. It took me a solid hour to finish everything.

So I need some anatomy/physiology advice… I’ve been having a nagging, sore low-lower back/tailbone thing going on. It’s not to the point of being painful per se, but I notice it when I sit down– the first couple seconds of sitting I’m aware of some discomfort, then it fades. It’s been an issue for months, but I noticed the same feeling when doing lunges today, which leads me to believe that it’s hip tightness pulling on something. Anyone out there have any experience with this? My med-googling hasn’t been useful. It’s not a big deal now, but I’m hoping to work it out before it turns into a real injury, since it’s been so nagging. I need to step up my hip yogas, too…

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Hello, fall

Sometime between last week and this week, fall happened. Well, the trees haven’t started turning colors or anything, but the air has that crisp quality and the sky the intense blue of cool, low-humidity fall days. Thank goodness– I’m ready for the end of the summer swelter, though I’m sure it’ll be back to visit again before October.

You would think that taking 2 days entirely off would be helpful for my running performance, but today was another slog, with tight hamstrings, quads and calves. I wrapped up 5k in 40 minutes on my half-uphill-half-downhill route and it wasn’t very fun.

I have 2 weeks left in my lifting program, and then I’m going to have to figure out something new. Maybe I should register for a Thanksgiving 5 or 10k? That would give me the kick in the butt to train running properly again, and it’s the right 2-month timescale. Mostly I just don’t want to be farting around without a plan. And fall is a nice time to be running lots anyway…

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Now for the fun part

The worst bits of my cruddy week are over. Now I just have to wrap up a short day at work, and then get ready to spend the weekend with friends. Happy Friday!

As I laced up my running shoes this morning, I was a little nervous. My left knee was pretty seriously unhappy yesterday, but it spent the evening on ice and I made sure to carefully set up a good sleeping position. This morning it felt okay, but I wasn’t sure how it would hold up once I got on the treadmill.

Luckily, though, the 40 minute, 3-miles-and-some-change run went off without a hitch. The first mile was a slog, but I warmed up and my body found some fuel somewhere and settled in for the rest. I’ve been nominally low-carbing it a bit lately– not by design, but because I can only fit so much food in my body and I’m trying to make sure it’s mostly protein. (This means I skipped the rice with my baked tofu and broccoli for dinner, but I did not decline the cake my partner offered me later that evening :) So energy might have been a little low, but 40 minutes was about right.

I have to tell this goofy story from last weekend… So I was at the local renaissance faire (I’m one of those weird people who dresses up and gets all into it) hanging out with my friend and some of her friends. It was late, we were all a little loopy (and I might have had a beer or two) and someone joked that I ought to see if I could pick up one of our male companions. So, I said "hold my staff" and slung him over my shoulder, single shoulder carry style, and ran around with him. He wasn’t a big guy, maybe 160lb plus or minus, but it was both fun to show off and oddly comforting to know that yes, if it came down to it I could carry a person without a problem. While wearing a corset.

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Super try-hard day

Last day of this dang workshop, thank goodness. Today I was in at 6:45a and headed right to the gym to get Workout 8 done. I even wore my gym clothes on the train!

For the life of me I can’t figure out why when I bust out 8 reps of squats at 120lb it’s easy, but 15 reps at 60lb is like scaling Everest. Of course, it doesn’t help either that I’m doing 4 sets of 15. Anyway, today I bumped up the load on some lifts and getting through it was a battle. I also love when I’m in the corner doing my step-ups and some dudebro grunting his way through bicep curls looks at me with the step platform like I don’t belong in the weight room. Honey, pick up some weights and c’mon over and give it a try, I promise it’ll be both fun and effective…. or you can keep doing curls.

Lately I’ve been having intuitive eating fails around lunchtime. Since these are all-day workshops the schedule is pretty regimented, with a break at noon for food. But I haven’t been hungry when lunchtime rolls around– I suspect it’s a combination of my post-workout protein shake and a muffin at the 10:30 coffee break (which is novel to this meeting… mmm muffin). But ugh. My coworkers at the workshop all want to go to lunch together and I keep not wanting to eat. And I eat and I feel terrible because I wasn’t hungry to begin with. Everything will probably get back to normal next week though, when I’m back on my usual schedule.

But mostly I’m looking forward to not having to get up early for a while…

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Sticking to it

I’m away from the office all this week at workshops. That’s not my favorite thing, and it means I have to find a novel time to get myself to the gym. 7am has an entirely different feel in the gym than at my usual time. Everyone is very focused! Plus there were a lot more people in the weight room.

I only made it through 3 of the 4 sets thanks to time constraints, but it was better than skipping it, I guess. The most exciting part was bumping squats up to 120lb. It’s been such a long time since I focused on them, so I’m not sure how heavy I can go now. But next time I’ll throw on another 10 or 20lb and see if it’s still pretty easy…

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