Something to do

Well, we’re back in my hometown, staying with my parents until we can move in to the rental house/wedding venue. Yesterday was a busy day– meeting with the DJ, traveling to the county clerk’s office a couple counties away, getting my nails did. Today we’re like, “What now?”

My dad likes to golf and my partner at least has a set of clubs. The men are getting together Friday morning to golf so we went to a driving range so my partner could remember how to do it. My dad brought my mom’s clubs for me, so I got to try whacking a bucket of balls too. I’ve never golfed. After this, I’m pretty sure it’s not for me!

When we got home I decided to do an activity I do enjoy so I went out for a run. The weather is nice, but the sun is hot. I dragged my out-of-condition body through 5k in 39 minutes and change. Not that bad.

Once we’re moved into the lake house, I can go open water swimming everyday. Yay!  

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Friday thoughts

Maybe my mood is mostly dependent on how much sleep I get? This morning I was up at 5:30am to get to work early, and I was grumpy.

I went to the gym and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical while maintenance workers did… something… in the small cardio room. One of them was up on a ladder while 3 other guys just gawked around. I was the only exerciser in there. 20 minutes of that was enough.

After that, I did nice yogas for another 20 minutes to some soothing music. That helped a little bit. I really need to stretch more.

Today’s my last day at work before I take off. Somehow I managed to wrap up everything I needed to do before my vacation in a timely fashion, and it’s just about time to gtfo!

I have a hair appointment tonight and I’m looking forward to soaking up the busy Friday evening atmosphere at the salon. It’s bustling and everyone’s getting their hair did for their weekend plans and it’s fun. Probably not as much fun for the stylists?

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That’s better!

I went to bed early last night, slept in the spare room to avoid being woken up by snoring, and awoke this morning feeling refreshed and much improved. And I had a lovely, productive morning at work, and went to the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical and finished up in a fantastic mood, practically dancing back to my desk. That’s what I was looking for!

Two wedding pieces that I’d been worrying about fell into place yesterday too, which helped my stress level. I got a call back from the bridal boutique owner telling me my dress was ready for pickup, so I’m going there this afternoon. And I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I was waiting on a song… So my partner and I had a song that we really loved for a first dance, but it’s a prog song and it’s 7:30 long… awkwardly long. I tried shortening it in Garageband but it was terrible. So in desperation, I sent the band a message on Facebook asking if they had a 4-minute mix of the song lying around– and amazingly, they responded! They’re a young, relatively-new band and this was a first for them, and they were so tickled that we picked their song for our first dance that they offered to put something together for us. Which was fantastic! And they sent that along yesterday, and it’s perfect and I’m so happy.

So I have a day and a half left to finish up work, a day to pack up, and off I go. I don’t feel too overwhelmed now. :)

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Falling apart but making a plan

I was hoping to be feeling better today, but it quickly became clear that everything is still butts…

Squat – 2x5x185lb
DL – 4x205lb

Yep, that’s all I got today.

I’m just exhausted (sick? poor sleep? stress?) and my mental state is starting to fray, too. After my first squat set I sat on a bench and wanted to cry. I talked myself into a second set with the promise that there would be only two, and then afterwards was utterly defeated by a light deadlift and said "enough!"

This week isn’t going to get any better either. There is so much, both at work and at home. When things get stressful my first instinct is avoidance, but that is not the correct choice here. I can’t. I’m going to have to prioritize, grit my teeth, and deal with as much as I can.

The gym is something I can let slip right now, which is sort of a relief to realize. I think I’ll resolve to keep it easy and stress-relieving for the rest of the week. Easy runs! Elliptical! Now is not the time to chase mammoth lifts (and beat myself up when they’re not cooperating).

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Half a push day

First of all, WOO HOO! at Sarah Robles, who took weightlifting bronze in Rio with a 286kg total! I’ve been following her story for a while, and I’m so happy for her! And I love this quote:

“I didn’t have to conform my body or my ideals or my looks to get where I am,” she says. “I have a bronze medal and I was able to be myself, embrace my body, do the things I’m naturally fitted to do to help make my dreams come true.”

As for me, I kind of half-assed my workout today. I was sick over the weekend– not sure what’s going on but I suspect my body’s fighting some kind of infection, since I had aches and chills and fatigue and still have a sore throat. C’mon body, don’t fall apart on me now! I’ve still got another week and a half to go!

The lifts I did were pretty weak and I felt barfy after each set. Not quite enjoyable.

Bench – (4,4,4,3)x135lb
OHP – (5,5,8)x65lb
Tricep – 2x10x45lb
Lateral raise – 2x10x45
Pecs – 2x10x100

I did manage to get my new car last week, though! It’s a Mazda3 and wow, cars have sure gained a lot of bells and whistles since my last car from 2005. I sync’d my phone and now whenever I get in the car it starts playing music from my phone. And it starts with a push button. The dealer guy had to remind me to press the clutch– it wouldn’t start with only the button. I’m terrified I’m going to leave the key in the car, too.

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just the workout, ma’am

Quickie post today– blogging time is short! Here’s what I did. It was a cool and fun pull day.

Barbell row – 4x5x95lb (this went well today)
Bicep curl, ez bar – 3x10x45lb
Bent-over row – 3x10x35lb, each side
Lat pulldown – 10×37, 2x10x42.5
Face pull – 3x10x100
Assisted pull-up: 7×110, 7×120, 10×120 (the dang pull-up bar is too big for my hands to get around)

Okay, now to see how much more work I can get done in a sprint to the end of the day…

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Squats envy

I always have the best workouts when I really don’t want to go. Something about getting over that hump always crystallizes my resolve– maybe it’s just the acknowledgement that I’m about to do something that’ll be unpleasant but I’m going to do it anyway. Today’s leg day was one of those.

Squat – 2x5x185lb, (5,4)x195lb
Deadlift – 2x5x225lb
Leg press – 3x10x300lb
Glute bridge – 3x10x115lb
Leg extension – 3x10x95
Leg curl – 3x10x95

I was having nice strong squats sets but the second-to-last rep of the last set I got a bit too forward and wound up lifting that 195lb with my back. Not good! I’d been working hard on keeping the gravity vector as far back as I could and really engaging my quads, but that rep I screwed it up. I cussed and decided not to risk tweaking my back with a last rep. Still, I’m pretty happy with how squats are coming along.

I tend to share the weight room with the same folks, and as I finished up my leg press sets one of the guys who’s usually in there (not lifting, just doing cardio) came and confessed that he had "squats envy"– he’d hurt his back and had to give them up, and he was jealous that I could still do them. It was kind of an odd thing, and I didn’t really know how to respond!

I must’ve gotten a good night of sleep last night– I finally feel like my shoulders have come down from around my ears. I can’t tell if I’m recovering more slowly, though. I’m not being super strict on food or tracking my protes now, so I suspect I’m not eating as much as I was, although 2 months of tracking made the habits a bit sticky. Hopefully it’ll hold up until after the wedding when I have time to reevaluate.

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