Big socks and big thoughts

It’s taper time, and today was an easy 3 miles today in a speedy 35:09 on the treadmill. My left Achilles is bugging me a little, but it might be due to sock issues– I forgot running socks so I ran in my thick wool boot socks (it’s a rain boots day today). I could’ve gone sockless, but I didn’t want to risk blisters so close to the race. Anyway, I have enough issues with lack of volume in my shoes already; adding huge socks didn’t help!

I have a big thought brewing, but it’s not managing to get out right now. In short, I hate the "obesity panic" and how much it consumes our society, shaming folks in the name of health when it’s really about not wanting to see fat folks. Body size is super complicated, correlated with a ton of stuff, and something as simple as taxing soda isn’t going to make a difference. Anyway, I think that blog post will have to percolate for some time longer so I can make sure to articulate it properly.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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T-minus 1 week

I know I said yesterday’s workout was one of the toughest in my plan, but today’s didn’t feel any easier despite it being just a 3 miler. My legs are tired, my period’s just started so CRAMPS, and I am generally feeling all beat to heck. But I finished it in a solid 37:30 so that’s that. I have a recovery day tomorrow; I think I’m going to take it off entirely rather than waking up early for yoga.

I get the feeling my runs would be easier and my recovery would be better if I could just. fall. asleep. at night. The last week or so I’ve laid awake in bed for 2 or 3 hours every night before finally nodding off. I have no idea what the culprit is; usually when I’m exercising regularly I sleep really well. I’ve cut back on caffeine a lot, too– I don’t drink coffee after 11am anymore; I might have a cup of tea in the afternoon but c’mon. Now that I’m looking at my sleep tracker, not only am I not falling asleep but I’m awake again at 4:30am. It’s so frustrating!

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Pieces falling into place

Today was one of the toughest workouts in my training plan: 8x400m intervals. 1×1, that’s 4 blinkin’ miles of intervals. But I’m proud to say I blew it up! 50 minutes and a whole lot of sweat later I was done. I took the recovery intervals pretty slow and felt good enough to not walk at all.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m feeling like my body has switched back into endurance mode. I hadn’t felt like that in all my training this year; even the 3 milers felt like a battle. But now maybe my breathing and my legs and all my systems are working together how they should be. It’s hard to explain! (Or this might just be the post-run endorphins causing me to babble on.)

And not to get ahead of myself, but the race is next week and I’m finally really starting to enjoy running again– but what about after the race? Previous years I’ve pretty much dropped running and gone back to lifting, but this year I don’t feel burned out on running at all– so we’ll see. Maybe I can try out a 10k race in the fall?

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woo HOOO!

Today I’m in an off mood, and I had to drag myself out the door to run my daily 3 miler. I didn’t leave until 4– and usually if I let it go until that late, it never gets done. But somehow the running autopilot got me going.

The weather’s a bit chilly but sunny; I started out with a fleece on until I warmed up and started getting really sweaty, then I took it off and tied it around my waist and was perfectly comfortable. Spring weather is so confusing to dress for!

But there’s just something about runs that I’ve dragged myself out for that give me extra gumption– I blew through it, finishing the 3 miles (outside, on hilly terrain) in a solid 38:35. That’s like treadmill pace! So that at least gives me hope that I’ll be able to get through my 5k next week, at least. (Wednesday! Aah!)

On the not-so-great side, it’s spring, and therefore my nose will be attacked by the pollen monsters every time I run outside. While I was cooling down my nose was leaking all sorts of stuff; I wiped it on my shirt because I didn’t bring a hanky but it should be noted that I was wiping my nose on my shirt while walking past other people. Yes, I am gross. It’s better than having snots run down my face?

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I jiggle, therefore I am

Long run day! Today’s schedule called for 7 miles. Yesterday’s 5 miler left my calves a little stiff and I was concerned, but once I headed out out everything loosened up and I felt okay. Actually I felt pretty darn good! Knock wood, I haven’t had any injuries or pains during this training regimen. No knee weirdness, no foot weirdness. That could also be because I haven’t had the kind of volume I should have, but oh well.

Anyway, I headed out (in the lovely weather, too– it’s in the 50s and sunny, with a light breeze) and turned on all my gizmos, the GPS tracker on my phone, the bluetooth heart rate monitor app. Data, yay! Except that, in the end, it turned out I have no data– all the apps drained my phone’s battery and it pooped out well before I finished. Anyway, by my estimate it was about 7.6 miles overall, though I have no idea how long it took. I think I need a new phone.

I bought a pair of running tights and I’ve been hesitant to wear them; I don’t really know why? They’re snug-fitting (obviously) and not particularly supportive and I’m self-conscious about my jiggly parts, though you might think that after running with all that jiggle for 4 years I’d be over it. But I wore them today and they’re comfy and nice for this weather so I’m making an effort to get over that hump. Have you guys seen the (excellent!) This Girl Can video? It shows all kinds of bodies, and I borrowed this for my title today…

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First day of spring…ish

Welcome, spring… oh wait it’s snowing. Never mind.

I had been entertaining ideas of running today’s 5-miler outside, because 5 miles on the treadmill is a long, long time to run in place. But thanks to the snow and slush and rain I was stuck inside. Anyway, I did finish the run, 5 miles in 1:02:40, and somehow I even managed to pull of negative splits– a nice bonus! The weather is supposed to be nice for tomorrow’s 7 miler; that’ll definitely be outside.

My shoes are giving me a little grief though. They’re a bit short and my big toenail might be rubbing slightly, plus my feet keep falling asleep (progressively loosening the laces helps for a while). I mean, I can put up with them, but it would be so nice to just have a pair of shoes I don’t have to mess around with. I’m envious of people with normal feet (whatever that is) that don’t play Russian roulette every time they buy a new pair of shoes. If I could pull it off, I’d run barefoot just so I didn’t have to deal with it!

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Where’d my muscles go?

Today is a recovery day from running but I still wanted to hit up the gym. Yoga was right out, sadly (we need to go to the grocery store after work, so being dropped off/picked up by my partner is the best way to go; yoga means I leave before him and drive myself). Anyway, I decided to go and do some upper-body lifting and give my legs a proper rest.

I figured I’d be lifting light and high reps today– but I didn’t really think it would be this light! I loaded up the bench with 105lb– I think I was doing 125 or 130 when I left off, right?– and barely made it through 10 reps. I tried another set with 95lb and that was a little more manageable. I also did a bunch of overhead presses and bent-over rows with just the bar, and more dumbbell rows and flys, plus some back extensions and weighted crunches. I think I hit most of the important stuff, anyway.

My partner is looking into buying a small bench and some heavier dumbbells to use at home. I don’t really know why? He has a free gym at work that’s certainly better-appointed than anything he can get for home. But hey, however he’s comfortable. We’ll just have to make some room somewhere…

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