Morning open water seaweed swim

I have exactly 3 goals for today:

  1. Sleep in as late as possible (check! 9am)
  2. Go for a swim in the ocean (check! See below)
  3. Toodle around this area, get the lie of the land and maybe do my souvenir shopping

I was super excited to go swim. But I headed down to the beach and realized that I was, in fact, in the Keys– coral islands with, well, cruddy beaches. But I picked my way across a band of wave-deposited seaweed (while I was swimming, someone came with a backhoe and raked it off), then walked into the water. There were a few yards of sandy bottom– from the sand that had been dumped to make the white sand beach there, no doubt– but that quickly changed to dense sea grass. I paddled across this shallow part (there were so many tiny blue fishies hanging out there!) and once it got deep enough that I couldn’t touch, I started swimming.

It was a nice enough way to spend a half hour, but the water had lots of seaweeds floating on it and having them brush against me kind of gave me the willies. Not sure if I’m going to do that again. (Plus my suit chafed. I could tell immediately in the salt water. Ow.)

One more thing: I like eating breakfast and wanted to be prepared with something I can make in my room. So I picked out a protein powder in a small packet to bring along. (At home my breakfast is usually a hemp protein and fruit smoothie, but I wasn’t sure about bringing a baggie of hemp powder on the plane?) 


Unfortunately it is terrible. I wanted to like it because it was plant based, but they used stevia and that shit is nasty and cloying. I should’ve noted the “only 90 calories!” on the front.

On the plus side, the room has a keurig (which I wouldn’t buy for daily use, but they’re really nice for hotel coffee).

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Primed to Sweat: the no-AC saga continues

My body has been dealing with the near-constant, stifling heat the best way it knows how: by sweating like crazy. And the threshold for sweating is so low! I dehydrate easily and get migraines when that happens, so I’m fighting to keep hydrated. (Yesterday’s post-run headache is still lingering too– yay heat exhaustion.) Of course, at work the AC is cranked to freezing…

Today was my last gym workout for a week, so I tried to cram in a bunch of stuff. I started off with some lifting, where I realized that my arms were still fatiguing really quickly (just like during Sunday’s swim). Maybe the long break from lifting will help them recover better. After that, I ran some zombies intevals. (This has become my go-to for short runs…) I squeezed 2.1 miles into 24 minutes, though my tracker is still terrible at handling short intervals. And I wrapped it all up by taking my drippy self over to stretch.

Tomorrow I’m flying out to the Keys to go learn to scuba dive. I’m excited!

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Brutally hot

I’m not sure what I was thinking today. I set my alarm for 5:30 to go run in the morning cool, but I wound up turning it off and sleeping in. So it goes. By the time I finished up my day it was 6pm and 87F. And I was like “ennh I really want to go run, I can handle it”. Note to self: it was not the best idea.

I dialed in 30 minutes and set off on the big hilly route (the monotonic route has construction on it, and I don’t relish running through all that). Now, my time overall was okay. I covered 2.4 miles, the first mile was sub-12 (fast for me) but I probably pushed it too hard, because then I started feeling sort of light-headed and weird. I made it to the end (with some walk/water breaks) but I felt pretty awful. Once I got back inside I gulped down a big glass of Emergen-C (electrolytes) and took a cold shower. I’m still headache-y though.

On a more fun note, I got a nice lap swim yesterday. 45 minutes was about the max I could pull off– my arms got tired. Since when do my arms get tired? Usually I feel fatigue everywhere else instead.

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“Runner” is a size-neutral word!

Today’s workout was a quick one: 25 minutes of zombies intervals again. I’m lucky I made it there at all. This morning was a cluster! Anyway, since it was so short I made a point to work extra hard, and fit 2.3 miles into that time with sprints up to 9:00 pace. Whee.

Being fat and active and aware of the perception that others have of you can lead to some interesting feelings. I heard about the feature on Mirna Valerio in Runner’s World and was really excited to go read it– I’ve been an avid follower of Mirna’s blog for some time, and was eager to see her get recognized for her badassery. But once I read it I was really disappointed.

Mirna says, explicitly, that she loves her body. I love my body, too, and appreciate all that it does and all that it’s capable of doing. I’m afraid the article didn’t have the same kind of love, respect and appreciation for bodies that they feel are too large. At one point, they refer to Mirna’s size as a disease– let me just quote it: “By making peace with her obesity—or, more accurately, by fighting her disease to a kind of enduring, vigorously active truce—Valerio draws kudos from a formerly skeptical medical community.” Hold up! What’s the deal with describing a healthy, active person as having a “disease” just because the number on the scale is larger than they think it should be? (I have serious, serious issues with the medicalization of obesity. I will save them for another rant.)

The article veered back and forth wildly, going from describing the marginalization that fat runners face from the running community at large, to consulting with obesity doctors about the terrifying obesity epidemic. Personally, I felt the net result was tone-deaf.

And I don’t say this to minimize Mirna’s accomplishments and her struggles and hard work to get there! She’s trained hard to go kick that 50k’s butt, and I hope everyone’s as excited to read about it as I am! Her experience is such a positive one and I was sad to see so much body hatred injected into her story.

For me, I do want to inspire people to be active, but I don’t want to be some kind of inspiration object, if that makes sense. Someday I hope that being fat and active will be more normalized and folks’ mouths won’t drop open when Mirna runs by and we won’t get disbelief when buying running shoes. That we won’t be “fat runners” but just runners.

(This is really complicated stuff with a lot of thinking about intersectionality needed. If I’ve screwed up, please bring it to my attention. Thanks!)

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My partner is noisy

My workout today was a typical lifting session, skipping anything lower body– I’m still sore. Tonight I’m hoping to get to the pool to swim some laps (maybe with less underarm chafing this time).

My mood has been really variable lately; it veers between content and stressed. In general I feel like I have my shit together, but I would like some extra time. (Who wouldn’t?) Our AC is still broken but it was cooler yesterday so I was able to cook dinner and even made some ice cream with my new ice cream maker toy.

But I suspect that at least half of my frazzle today is due to sleeping poorly. It took me 90 minutes to simply fall asleep, and then shortly thereafter my partner woke me up with snoring. At that point I left to sleep on the guest bed, which he hates, but I can’t get woken up every 15 minutes. And then I slept wonderful good sleeps.

To be honest, I don’t think the problem is that I have issues falling asleep. I think I’m just sensitive to noise when I’m trying to fall asleep! And I have a noise source sleeping next to me…

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Mixed recovery workout

I woke up very sore this morning– basically my posterior chain is a mess. (Thanks, goodmornings.) Now, sore hamstrings don’t usually bother me when I run, but glutes and hip flexors can be a problem.

I had a choice– just how hard did I want to go today? Should I do just yoga, or a regular longer run, or could I work a harder training run in? In the end I decided to err on the side of caution, split the difference and do a short, slower run and some yoga. I kept the run to 30 minutes at an easy pace (2.3 mi) and then did some sun salutation flow stuff (high lunges were the best/worst). My knees were bugging me a little bit, probably weird stuff compensating and pulling on them.

I always have a hard time with cross-training and recovery. I mean, it’s one thing to be on a proper plan and just following it, whether that means another 3 miles tomorrow, or a total rest day. But I’m making it up as I go along. Today I theoretically could’ve handled a long run, but that would probably mean that I would be even more sore on Thursday instead. My natural tendency is to do too much and regret it.

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Introvert Life

Quickie blog today– I’ve gotten to the end of the day and haven’t had 5 minutes to write about my workout. It was a short one– just some lifting, bench/OHP/biceps/squats/lat pds/woodchops/goodmornings. It’s been a while since I did goodmornings. I think I tweaked my hamstring doing woodchops and exacerbated it with the GMs.

I’ve spent this entire day with a colleague from out of town. This was the first time we’d met in person and she’s very nice and it was really good to talk to her, but an entire day of talking is exhausting to me. I’ve got my talking quota done for like 3 months. Introvert Life(tm).

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