Found some energy

Welp, despite more guts trouble and SURPRISE PERIOD, I managed to get through a good and solid 3 miles on the treadmill. It wasn’t fast, but I didn’t stop, and got it done in just about 39 minutes of plodding along.

For some reason the TV wasn’t cooperating with me this morning. I’m not a big fan of having food shows on in the cardio room– something about it just feels wrong. I’m personally neutral on looking at food while I exercise but I can imagine that’s a problem for some folks. Anyway, I turned the TV from Fox News to Comedy Central– food infomercials. (I guess it’s not possible to put on a funny show at 7:30am?) Bravo– some chef reality show. At that point I just left it and watched them make biscuits.

Today is a pile of meetings. I need to find a break in there somewhere to call and try to schedule a haircut tomorrow. I’ve let my short hair grow out unchecked for too long and it’s mullet-y. :(

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Another low-energy day

I could really use some energy today to deal with work junk… but it’s not happening and I feel short and tired. One of my least favorite scenarios is feeling like I’m having more demanded of me than I am capable of giving. I can usually handle this kind of workload, but not today. Thankfully my day is pretty front-loaded, so I just have a couple meetings in the afternoon.

Still, I went to the gym this morning for a low-key workout before all the fun in the office started. I got a few rounds of lifting in, and 15 minutes on the elliptical. Both seemed to take super-human effort. And since I was lifting at a different time than normal, there were these weird bros in the weight room. Stop doing your bicep curls sitting on the bench press bench! That’s not what it’s for! They did move when I asked if they were using the bench, though, so I can’t really complain all that much.

This weekend we’re attending an outdoor wedding that’s being held at a lovely inn up in the mountains. I’m looking forward to it! But the weather forecast is looking like it’s not going to be very good. I feel like I should be prepared to welcome the couple into the Rainy Outdoor Wedding Club. It’s not so bad, I promise. Even if it rains, you still got married, and chances are you’ll look back on the day and laugh about it. It does make for some good stories.

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Friggin’ Tuesday

I still feel like crap :-/ My digestive system is revolting (I mean that in both senses) and energy has deserted me again. Body whyyyyy.

I spent 45 + a bit minutes on the elliptical toodling at a very moderate pace. Just before I hit the end of my workout, this song came on and I decided to keep going until it was done. I love Steven Universe, the music is wonderful, and I’m so glad they have a proper soundtrack out now!

We have a lot of stuff going on this weekend and I’m wishing we didn’t, or at least that I felt better to enjoy it. Why does this always happen? I wish I wasn’t so tired. It’s friggin Tuesday.

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Ill-advised yoga?

My delts and arms and upper back are tired and sore from the first swim of the year yesterday. So what do I decide to do for a workout today? Yoga. Shoulder opener power vinyasa practice. I didn’t even realize what the problem with that choice was until 10 minutes in and I wanted to lie down on the floor instead of downward dog and I was like “why are my arms so tired?” Sigh. I powered through it in a puddle of sweat but I will probably be more sore tomorrow.

To make things even more exciting, I’d had the idea that I would do upper body lifting tomorrow. No! Bad idea! Do some dang squats or something! Go run! Just no more arm stuff!

My yoga butt (aka the upper hamstring attachment point that gets strained by too vigorously forward folding) still hurts from my Yoga January injury. I’d stayed away from this kind of practice because it caused it; going back today still didn’t feel that good.

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First swim of the year!

It’s that time of year again! The kids are out of school and the pool is open.

It opens at 12:30 and I was there at 12:31 with my goggles and swim cap, ready to get started on my laps. My husband came too, and patiently toodled around in the water while I went back and forth a billion times. Not really a billion. I did 2 sets of 10 laps, it took about a half an hour, not bad for the first of the year.

We also got a new crop of lifeguards, high school kids there for a summer job. I watched an old man (white, heavy southern accent) yelling at one of the lifeguards (black, young) about something or other, being an absolute butthole to the guy. I wasn’t sure that me intervening would help– the lifeguard didn’t appear too bothered by this random old jerk– but another pool-goer jumped in, a Latina woman who told him to stop cursing around the kids and to apologize to the lifeguard. He kind of did (though his apology ended with him cussing at her) and everything seemed to settle down, though the mood was kind of uneasy. We left shortly after.

My neighborhood is one of the most diverse places in the country (which is really cool) but it hasn’t been that way for very long, and there are lots of long-time residents who resent the change. It gets kind of weird sometimes.

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All systems go!

Friday workouts always wind up exceeding my expectations. Couldn’t tell you why!

I went to the gym aimlessly this morning. Both my running shoes and my old gym shoes that I do everything else in were in my locker, and as I dressed I mulled over which pair to put on. In a "aww f it" moment, I grabbed the running shoes and decided to test if my energy had come back. I wasn’t very confident that it had, and I also had sore quads thanks to the last 2 days of squats. But what the heck, why not– if it went horribly there’s always the elliptical, right?

Well, from the moment I hopped on the treadmill I knew it wasn’t going to go horribly. I felt bulletproof! I started out at a moderate-slow pace, after I ticked off a mile and didn’t feel tired I turned it up, and kept turning it up through the 30 minutes, cheerful and silently singing along to my music. It was a welcome change from the last time I tried to run. I guess I’m all systems go!

And just to finish up the workout on an extra high note, I did more of the same squats and lunges from yesterday. Go legs!

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Total-body mediocrity

With my energy for cardio still lagging, I decided it would be a good day for some total-body training with weights. I’m not sure if my short workout achieved this lofty goal, but I did make an effort to hit some stuff that I often avoid:

Bench – 3x5x135lb
Biceps – 2x10x45lb
Squat – 2x10x95lb (after yesterday’s squats…my quads are like "wut u doin")
Leg press – 2x10x200lb or so
Side bend – 2x10x25lb kettlebell, each side
Plank – 2x60sec
Bodyweight calf extensions, on step – 2×20
Walking lunges – 2×10

I turned my head over to look in the mirror when I was doing lunges (I thought this was not a great idea, but it seems that this is only true for back-loaded exercises) and had a small revelation. I’ve always thought that I have poor hip flexibility and a short stride length and my lunge is very short and weird. It isn’t! It’s actually as long as it should be. That doesn’t mean I’m off the hook; my rubberbands are still really tight when I’m doing the exercise. But my form isn’t awful-awful.

It’s also hot as bauwls here and hence sleeveless season. I admit that a small motivation today was to get a little bicep pump. SUNS OUT GUNS OUT. My upper arms are big and squishy but if the light’s right or if I’m carrying something I have some definition there.

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