Monday Runday

The weekend was a whirlwind– spent Saturday with friends making cookies and taking a drive out to the Big Wine Store to pick up gifts for the in-laws (I always give them wine, it keeps them happy). Sunday a quick trip over to said in-laws to drop off said cookies turned into my husband sitting and watching football with his dad and brother all day while I had nothing to do (had I known I’d be sitting on the couch for hours I would’ve brought a project to work on!) Anyway, I didn’t take advantage of running in the light, well-behaved snow and I’m kicking myself.

Today I headed out for 4 miles and some change, bundled up as it was freezing– nope it was 45ºF and I was way too warm. The snow’s almost all melted now. I’m kind of disappointed. But yay I got a run in– 4.27mi in 52:06, with a big slow walking spot in the middle because my mom called me. She has a talent for calling me in the middle of my runs, and usually I let it go to voicemail because, you know, I’m busy. But she called again right after so I assumed it was important. Yes it was so important, she was at the store trying to buy a gift for Consort and she really needed to know RIGHT NOW. Oh well.

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’tis the season to be tired

I just had my weekly sit-down with my boss– a quick, 20 minute roundup of stuff going on– and I realized that I was exhausted when I didn’t have the energy to make eye contact and maintain my usual friendly-professional work demeanor. Thankfully my boss is even less naturally socially adept than me, so it was fine. I’m planning to take off a long stretch from the 18th until after New Years and I told him that I would probably be calling in to some meetings anyway and he told me not to, to just take the leave and drop things. Nice sentiment, but I’m worried about pressing pause on things for 2 weeks– hopefully they’ll slow down naturally. Ah, work junk.

I did go to the gym today for a 30 minute treadmill jog. It was nothing spectacular but I appreciate the ping of accomplishment for getting it done. It’s nice to get something done (ahem work junk). Have I ever mentioned that my Meyers-Briggs horoscope type is INFJ and I’m much happier when things finish? The overhead of things that go on forever is tiring.

I’m not sure what to do about this weekend. We had tentative plans to get together with friends to bake up some batches of Christmas cookies on Saturday. This involves prepping 3-4 cookie doughs ahead of time so they’re ready to bake. My friend is swamped with work and worried about a medical issue but she’s still saying she wants to go ahead with it, and I’m afraid she’s saying that because we’re pressuring her. Meanwhile I’m freaking tired and haven’t even decided what cookies I’m making yet so I’m not prepared. No one even cares about Christmas cookies anyway– my inlaws tell me they don’t want the fancy cookies, they just want frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store. Perhaps my friend and I should just buy a few boxes of cookies from Wegmans and a couple bottles of wine and like watch a movie instead…

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Definitely not doing it right

Back in the weight room this morning for another B session of 5×5: squats, OHP and deadlift. As usual, I neglected to check my weights from last time before I loaded up for squats and overloaded it– jumped from 100lb to 115lb. Usual guidance is to increase in 5lb increments for the upper body lifts and 10lb for squat/DL, but I had planned on being more conservative for squats, too. 15lb increment is nowhere in the plan. Did ’em anyway, but I’m worried about setting myself up to fail too quickly on squats. I suppose I could just hang out at 115lb for another week… or I could keep on going…

Squat – 5x5x45lb (warmup), 5x5x115lb (I should probably warm up heavier, but I’m too lazy to put plates on)
OHP – 10x2x25lb (warmup), 5x5x50lb
Deadlift – 5x95lb and 5x115lb (warmup), 5x155lb
+ bonus farmer’s walk 45lb each hand, weighted ball crunches 20x30lb, jackknifes 20, cable wood chops 20×22.5 each side

My back was a little tweaky after I finished DLs. Can you believe that Angry QL and YogaButt are still acting up? My right side seems to be permanently messed up. So of course I added core work for the bonus.

Remember that shirt the Crossfit gym gave me when I took my powerlifting training sessions on the road? I wore it today, with the one racerback sports bra I have. Racerback bras are stupid to wear when squatting, the bar digs it into my back. But I amused myself, #boathousebeast on the other coast.

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Grumpy office whine

What a hot mess today was. I’m writing this at 5:30pm because this is the first chance I’ve gotten to sit and look at my computer today. On-site work social events are the worst because I always wind up having to help out– either setting up, hanging decorations, getting food together, or teardown/cleaning/dishwashing– today I got stuck doing it all, for an event that I didn’t really care about. Definitely a very good use of my time.

But I did get to work early and went to the gym this morning (priorities!) and got a quick 30 minutes of lifting in. I don’t feel too bad for the fast workout; I ran yesterday and I’m going downtown after work so there will be miles more of walking. (In the rain, of course.) I added weight to my lifts and everything was good.

Squat – 5x5x45lb (warmup), 5x5x105lb
Bench – 5x5x45lb (warmup), 5x5x70lb
Rows – 10x2x45lb (warmup), 5x5x60lb
+ bonus farmer’s walk, 45lb each hand

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Argh, DOMS

After Tuesday’s first 5×5 workout I was literally hobbled– my quads were so sore that I had trouble walking for 2 days. Wednesday and Thursday were very slow and I only managed to gently elliptical for 30 minutes each day (hoping against hope to get some fresh blood in and some soreness out). Today, though, I was feeling better (still some pain, but I could move) and I went back to the weight room to do the 5×5 B session (squats, OHP, deadlift).

Of course I didn’t check my weights from last time– why would I do a silly thing like that?– and I accidentally bumped squats up more than the 5lb I was supposed to, instead of doing them at 80lb, they got loaded at 100lb because I though last time was 95lb. It wasn’t overly hard– and I was careful to do a very thorough warmup beforehand– but hopefully I’m not massively sore again.

Squat – 5x5xBW and 5x5x45lb warmup, 5x5x100lb
OHP – 5x5x short bar(25lb?) warmup, 5x5x45lb
Deadlift – 5x95lb warmup, 5x145lb
bonus farmer’s walk, 45lb each hand (GRIP WUT)

Then, a foam roller session to try to get ahead of the DOMS.

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Turning turkey into gainz

First the turkey: the low and slow sale turkey turned out tasty, but it took a full 3 hours longer than I anticipated to come up to temp, which is 23 hours in the oven (and then only just got to 170ºF). However, it was juicy and tender, so I can’t complain! We’re going to be eating turkey for weeks, but we’re okay with that. I’m looking forward to my lunch today– a pile of turkey, cauliflower rice, and rich curry gravy (inspired by my great-aunt’s turkey curry casserole).

I couldn’t be happier about getting back to the weight room today! It feels it’s been forever. Since it’s been so long, and previous lifting sessions have indicated that I’ve lost a lot of strength, I decided to go back to fundamentals and start at the beginning with good ol’ 5×5. The idea behind 5×5 is to start light and add weight every workout. (Going back to bare metal is going to take some humility.)

Well, we’ll see how far I get with that. Squats and bench seem like they’re in a good place to keep adding. Rows, well, I did my workout sets with just the bar, which wasn’t easy, then the work sets at 55lb felt fairly difficult. So I’m expecting that one to stall first, just because I can’t start it light enough (fwiw, at my strongest I was doing rows at 85lb, so it’s just not a lift I can do all that heavy).

Although the squats weren’t super difficult, I definitely felt it in my quads after a couple sets. I think I’m going to be quite sore tomorrow. Aren’t my quads supposed to be strong from running? Why are they getting so tired?

Squat: 5x5x45lb warmup, 5x5x75lb
Bench: 5x5x45lb warmup, 5x5x65lb
B/O Row: 5x5x45lb warmup, 5x5x55lb
+ bonus farmer’s walk (40lb each hand)

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Oh no my nose

Another beautiful fall-ish day, another decent 3 mile run, wrapped up in just under 35 minutes. Can’t complain at all about the weather– it certainly makes running a lot more pleasant, even if I feel like it ought to be cold and snowy (it’s almost December!) Tomorrow I’m back in the weight room and I’m pretty excited about that.

All the leaf litter around is blowing up my sinuses though– after outside runs my nose just goes and goes. Today they had the leaf vacuum going around to collect them for composting, which kicked up great clouds of dust and probably leaf mold. Not a big fan of this drippy nose can’t breathe business, thanks allergies.

The sale turkey’s in the oven– I’m cooking it using a low and slow method so it’s been going since 8pm yesterday. The first hour calls for cooking at 450F to brown the skin and kill off any surface bacteria. Fine, but all the drippings burned on the pan and made a heck of a lot of smoke– very exciting, especially since my range hood is useless and doesn’t vent outside, just back into the kitchen. (Requirement for future home!!) But we survived that without having to get out the fire extinguisher, now it’s just chilling at 170F forever (somehow I managed to get my shitty oven set just right– the digital thermometer we stuck in there bounces from 167F to 172F depending on if the flame’s on or not. Also the old dial thermometer we had in there to verify temp is wrong wrong wrong, now I know.) Around 5:30pm we can hopefully eat…

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