’tis the season to be distracted

I nearly got hit by a car twice last night, walking home from the train stop. I think there’s a new law here in my state: if a car approaches a 4-way or 3-way stop and there’s no other cars at the intersection they don’t have to stop? Bonus points if they’re going 45mph down little residential streets? And yeah, they don’t have to stop for pedestrians crossing the street either! Optional stop signs are not great for people who are trying to walk.

I told my husband about this and he started seeing stupid drivers everywhere and now he’s terrified for my safety. I wonder how long it will be before he starts offering to pick me up at the train (3/4 mi from my house…)

My cubicle shares a wall with a big conference room and today there’s a holiday party in there and they have a frigging BAND. Holiday party season sucks. I’m desperately trying to get all my things done in the next 10 minutes so I can catch the train and leave (it’s 1:30 now, the next train isn’t until 3:30). It’s unlikely.

On the plus side, I did get a run in– another 30 minutes on the treadmill going fast. My legs are kind of tired. I had a good stretch, and tomorrow I have a rest day so I’m looking forward to that.

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Making a list… forgetting where I put the list…

I seem to be falling into a habit where I let something slide and then forget about it for a really long time, and then forget all the details of whatever I didn’t follow up on. So I’m writing this blog post before I do that.

My runs have been getting shorter and faster out of necessity. Tuesday I crammed 3.2 miles into 30 minutes on the treadmill, and today was 4 miles into 40 minutes. To be honest, I feel like these workouts are just too short, no matter how fast I make them. But I guess it’s probably better to not feel depleted, my days are too hectic to be low energy.

I got a lot done on my surprise day off yesterday, ran a bunch of errands, finished up most of my shopping. However, I have one or two fewer gifting events than I thought and now I have extra "little" gifts floating around so I need to distribute those. There are worse problems to have. I need to finish one more towel (making a few embroidered linen towels for friends, I really like giving handmade gifts) before Saturday, too.

I also put up the tree and put Christmas lights on the house. My husband was so not excited about this– "we’re not even going to be here for Christmas!" but there ain’t no way I would buy this stupid house and trim shrubbery all spring and summer and NOT decorate the bushes out front. I think they look really nice. He didn’t have to do any work so he should stop being grumpy about it.

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I’m still here

Jeez, was Thanksgiving the last time I wrote? I swear I didn’t stop doing any activity after I ran the race! Since then (according to my tracker) I’ve had 5 runs, 2 HIIT workouts, and one really quick lifting sesh. I’ll spare you all the details, mostly because I’ve forgotten all the details.

Work is still incredibly hectic and I’m starting to reach the limit of how much I can keep caring about things. It really does seem like the universe is conspiring to throw a wrench into everything I’m trying to do (for example, the Surprise Day Off on Wednesday– no I need all the work days in December I can get!)

On the plus side, though, I do have most of my Christmas shopping done now, and my sashiko embroidered gift towels are almost done (they go fast). At least that’s not hanging over my head…

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YAAAAS (2018 Turkey Trot 5k report)

Well, I came in this year with a goal: break 30 minutes in a 5k.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 10.50.36 AM


This race keeps getting bigger each year, and once again it was very crowded. But I lined up near the front this time, and it didn’t take me too long to get past the herds of walkers. I figured I was doing all right when everyone around me was running. It also wasn’t quite as cold as I thought it would be (though this 38ºF is totally incorrect– more like 30, but it was sunny.) After the fact, I’m finding it hard to gauge just how hard I was running– I usually bounce back fast and feel like I could do it all again, but I also remember not having a lot of gas in the tank to speed up for the last quarter mile.

$husband came to run this year too, which was fun. He was totally untrained so it was a bit of a challenge for him, but he survived.

The collards are in the instant pot, I made pumpkin custard last night, so now all I have to do is relax until we head over to the in-laws’. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Race prep and event prep

Well, I’m racing tomorrow morning and it is forecast to be COLD– around 26ºF, with some wind. This should be fun… My husband signed up to run too, but he hasn’t done any running in months. There are plenty of walkers, so he won’t be out of place if he needs to go slowly.

I wrapped up all the training I could fit in earlier this week. Friday was 5 miles fast on the treadmill and on Monday I went out for an easy 3 miler that turned into more of a benchmark run– my splits for miles 1 and 2 were good, but I started cramping up in mile 3 and had to dial it back. I had a 7 mile long run on the schedule for the weekend, but I didn’t do it because we were out doing things. Regardless, I should be on track for a sub-30 5k tomorrow unless I turn into a runner-sicle on the side of the road.

We had an SCA event on Saturday and it was a chance for me to finally wear my 100% hand sewn silk 14th century sideless surcote that I spent weeks making. I finally finished the interior seams on Friday night at my friend’s house– she was doing some battle sewing getting ready for the event. She had her surcote pattern ready but not enough fabric to make it so I brought over some wool I had no plans for and helped her get it together. I was proud that I finished the inside seams (an optional step!) At the event, one of my shire-mates (our resident fiber/sewing expert) was showing off my gown to a baroness– proud that her shirelings had done such a nice job– and the baroness flipped a seam out and tsk’d and told my shire-mate that she should do a tutorial on seam finishes for us. (Seam flippers!) Now– don’t get me wrong, I like and respect this baroness but DAMN. I wouldn’t mind if she had said to me "Your seam finishes need a little work" but to say that to basically our shire sewing mentor, like it was her fault for not teaching me right? Ouch. Anyway, here’s a picture of my beautiful piece of shit gown. The outside, the part that matters. (I’m the purple one on the left, my friend is the red on the right. We are headless because I don’t think my friend wants her picture on my random blog!)

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Starting off with the workout: my train was a full 45 minutes late this morning, which gave me exactly one hour to change, run 3 miles, shower, change back, and get upstairs to run a meeting. I accomplished this by running that 3 miles like a monster was chasing me on the treadmill. I feel like my tracker must be wrong – it clocked me in at 9’11" overall. It was tough but not SUPER TOUGH. Getting faster out of necessity?

So I ran that meeting, and then I had 3 more. One got cancelled, and I’m trying to do some useful work until the next. Which is really writing up a ton of meeting notes and sending some intense emails trying not to drop any balls. (And spending 10 minutes writing this blog post because it’s a break for my brain.) Meanwhile I have a pile of other things that I keep pushing aside that are getting louder and louder. Yesterday I just took them home and worked on them in the evening, but today I won’t get home until like 9:30 (SCA practice).

I never understood people who were like "oh I got so busy at work I forgot to eat". Yesterday that is literally what happened. I’m eating yesterday’s lunch today… I need to go fetch it from the fridge…

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Less brutal than expected

After the difficulty I had with the 40 minute tempo run last week, I expected today’s 8x400m 1×1 intervals to give me another headache. That turned out not to be the case at all. I finished it at 9’30" pace overall — about 30 seconds/mi faster than the tempo run– and it didn’t feel very hard at all. I ran at the final interval at 8’00" and that was tough, but I bounced back quickly. I feel perky not depleted, which is a nice change. This is my last full week of training runs, and I’m feeling okay with where I’m at, and not worn out. Maybe doing 1 month of training rather than 2 is the way to go?

I got a lot done yesterday – I hemmed my surcote, got buttons and buttonholes on my kirtle, shortened and narrowed my chemise sleeves, and taught myself lucet braiding to make a new lace for the kirtle (using a meat fork. I’m so proud of just picking up another random new skill. no more cooking twine lace!) If I’m learning anything from my SCA adventures so far, it’s that now I understand why the #1 best trait for a wife was industriousness (of course all of this work would’ve fallen to the wife). I could easily fill my waking hours making the things I need, and I don’t really have idle time anymore, there’s always some project that needs to get done. Luckily I enjoy it– and of course it’s totally optional for me, and that wasn’t the case for women in period.

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