mini-workout, and tales of breakups past and present

As regular readers know, Wednesdays are always tough days for me to fit a workout in. I’ve tried a few methods to try to help– earlier arrivals, commuting in my gym clothes, flexible scheduling. Today I did none of those and, thanks to a delayed train, I wound up with only 20 minutes of workout available. Thanks to yesterday’s lifting and Angry Calf, I spent that time toodling on the elliptical. Not really a satisfying workout, but it was something I guess.

My friend’s gone through a bad breakup, and I’m meeting her tonight for dinner. Immediately after the breakup she reached out to me and wanted to talk. Several years ago, my husband and I went through a bad breakup ourselves, and she was wondering how we "fixed" the relationship and got back together.

Except if she wants to compare her current situation to ours and get some empathy as the aggrieved breakup-ee, she’s talking to the wrong person. I broke up with Consort for a very good reason, and we spent months dating other people. I only came around when I’d spent enough time with myself to have a sense of what I wanted and realized that none of those other folks were it, and then I gradually contacted Consort again. There was no "fixing" until we’d both had a good long time to think. Once we decided to see each other again, then we could work on it.

(I sure do have some fun stories from the break; I had a lot of stuff to work out and did that by going out every night, drinking at shows, being uh kinda crazy. Which taught me that Consort wasn’t going to be everything and I needed to have friends of my own and go out and do the things that I wanted to do even if he didn’t want to)

And if I’m being blunt (she doesn’t read this blog!) I’d say her ex is a pathological liar who runs for the hills every time her life presents her with a challenge. This guy lies because he thinks it’s funny (dealbreaker for me!) And the last time he broke up with her it was because her family member had died and she’d asked for more emotional support from him; this time she’d lost her lease and said "we should move in together" and he said "no, let’s break up instead".

Anyway, my friend is a lovely person who is kind and super fun to be with and she deserves better. So my wise old married lady (lol) advice is going to be something like, spend some time re-discovering the people and activities you love and have neglected to spend more time with the ex. Lean on your friends (there are so many!); let them drag you out to do fun stuff. Don’t be afraid to spend time alone, and remember how nice that is. Invest time in yourself and the people who care about you. Date around, casually! have some new experiences with new people. And let the future unfold how it unfolds, unforced; enjoy today as much as you can.

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Another upper day

Well, these leg injuries are doing wonders for my bench press.

Since I can’t really do much lower-body work without my calf (I even tried light little one-leg RDLs, and that was a Bad Move) I stuck to a broad-ranging upper body routine.

Bench – 5×115, 2x5x125, (5,3)x5x130lb
Bicep – 2x10x20lb
Tricep – 2x10x45lb
OHP – 2x10x45lb
BO Row – 4x5x85lb
Upright row, Smith machine – 2x10x65lb
Back extension – 2x10x25lb

Bench felt goood today. I called J over for a spot for my 4th set when I bumped the weight up by 5lb, and I really didn’t need him there (though I hit failure at 3 in the next set). Next time I’ll see how sets at 135lb feel and go from there.

J was asking me about the gym powerlifting comp coming up, if I was working on training for that. I told him kind of, but I really need to work on squats and that’s not happening right now…

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One of these days I would like to blog a workout where I say, “Everything was great today! I felt good and had a nice workout.” Today isn’t going to be one of those.

So while I was on vacation I strained my calf, probably when diving. It was feeling better after almost 2 weeks, and today I started up my usual HIIT routine with some butt kicks. 15 seconds in, I feel a pop in my calf and it’s back to acute pain. I tried to get through a few more intervals but after some step-ups I felt a second pop and decided to just stop and get the ice pack. It feels like the attachment between my calf and Achilles is jacked up, whenever my calf gets pulled any longer than neutral it hurts.

So that’s about all I have to say for today. Maybe I’ll try some yoga later if the pain’s died down. Certainly no more running or jumping.

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Still sore; lifted anyway

I went to bed at 9pm last night, and fell right asleep. I suppose sheer exhaustion can help counter jet lag. I slept well, anyway, and felt better this morning– still sore, but at least I had some energy.

Enough energy to go lift more!

Bench – 5x5x120lb
Biceps – 2x10x20lb dumbbells
Triceps – 2x10x35lb
OHP – 2x10x45lb
Smith machine upright row – 2x10x30lb+the bar (I can never remember how much it weighs)
Squats – 4x5x115lb
DL – 5x135lb, 5x185lb
One leg RDL – 2x10x10lb dumbbells

I’m trying to ease myself back into squats, though I’m not sure it’s really worth bothering to be gentle about it. They suck at 115lb and they suck at 165lb. Although, given how sore light squats have made my quads, I should probably go slowly. Angry hamstring is still a little angry (and my hams are so sore just from the RDLs! jeez.)

Afterwards I hit the foam roller. My upper back is a mess, and the roller doesn’t really hit anything about my shoulder blades, so results were limited.

Happy Friday!

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All about recovery

I’m annoyingly sore after yesterday’s lifting. Body, why do you betray me? Oh right, because I’ve hardly been taking care of you lately! Sorry about that, I know you need like a week straight of sleep right now but it’s not happening. Soon? Maybe this weekend?

In the interest of not piling on, today’s workout was 40 minutes of gentle ellipticalling (in an empty cardio room, hooray). I finished with some stretching, and it felt suspiciously like I hadn’t stretched in a thousand years. Which is another side effect of not enough recovery time lately, I guess.

Tonight we need to go to the grocery store. We managed to empty the fridge out before the trip, but we haven’t been able to refill it yet. We’ve been surviving– as long as I have coffee and half and half I can manage mornings, and eat takeout for lunch and dinner. I’d like to get back to eating normally soon, too, because ugh.

Anyway, that’s enough whining for one day…

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Fight me, jet lag

Last night I fell asleep immediately at 11pm (thanks in part to a heroic dose of melatonin, I’m sure) but I was up at 5:30am to come to work early. I don’t think any amount of light or coffee is convincing my body that it’s time to be awake now– it’s almost noon and I’m yawning heavily, about to doze off at my desk.

I did make it to the gym this morning, if half-heartedly. I started with some lighter lifting (one-leg RDLs back in the rotation, what a pain!) and then headed to the cardio room, where all the elliptical machines were being used. I miss my usual gym time when it’s empty! I hopped on the treadmill to see how a run would work out, but after a quarter mile decided to just fast-walk for 30 minutes instead.

I pulled my calf when diving, probably during the stupid surface swims. It hasn’t recovered yet, so running was kind of twingey. I’m not used to exercise that involves keeping the toes pointed so much. At the end of my last dive, I was making my safety stop and got tired of fighting to stay feet down while waiting for my dive computer to count down, so I let myself orient however my body was going to do. Naturally I settled with my head pointing at the bottom and my feet at the sky. I probably looked silly, upside down looking at my wrist, but at least I could relax during my safety stop for once. Stupid floaty feet.

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Back from paradise

I had a nice trip, even though it took me a while to get home! The plane had mechanical problems and we were delayed an entire day, then we flew in during a blizzard. Good times eh?

I took two dive trips while I was there. The first was a shallow dive, mostly just sand and turtles. I was buddied up with a photographer and tried to be cheerful about it but honestly I hate diving with photographers. They only pay attention to what’s in front of their cameras. I followed her as she wandered from shot to shot and for both tanks’ dives we wound up losing the boat and having long, exhausting surface swims back.

Two days later I went out in the morning to do a wreck and drift trip which was lots more fun! The first tank was a 91′ wreck dive which was beautiful– lots more life at depth. Sharks, turtles, manta rays, lots of fish. That was my deepest dive ever, and it was a bit shorter than we had planned since my gauge hose had a leak :( For the next tanks’ dive they got me swapped over to a rental reg and we did a drift dive through a cave carved by the ocean into the side of a cliff. It was great!

The water was a little cold, so they gave me a 5/3 wetsuit and I was reminded how much I want my own wetsuit– after 10 minutes of struggling to get it on I had worn all the skin off my knuckles. It still hurts, but it’s healing.



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