Knees, you only have 2.

I hate for the first real post to be a downer, but they can’t all be zingers…

W4D1!  I was pretty excited to start this phase of c25k, and I got out of bed this morning ready to go.  Got dressed, and out the door I went.  Yesterday I had noticed some pain in my left knee; I’m not sure where it came from (not from running, could be from another physical activity I had partaken in the day before) but I hoped it’d go away.  Once I got half a block down the street, I realized it hadn’t and it kind of hurt.  So I went back home, disappointed.

As much as I like to say I can run just as well as a thin person, I do realize that I have certain physical issues that require forethought and workarounds.  Running puts a lot of stress on the knees no matter your size!  So I do baby my knees– I don’t need an injury taking me out of commission before I’ve even gotten to the fun stuff.

(Also, I should probably add the disclaimer in here to see a doctor before you start any exercise program.  Don’t you hate disclaimers?)

Take good care of your body, and have fun!

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