Harder, better, faster, stronger

Run done!  I repeated w3 one last time, but I ran much harder and faster than usual and it was great!  I really feel confident to tackle the 5-minute intervals coming up in w4.  The first couple runs of w3 were a tough battle for me, so I’m glad it went well today.  (It helped that it’s cool and not 100% humidity for the first time in… months.  So nice.)

Caught this article on tumblr this evening; it says how I feel about FA so much better than I can.  It’s not about sitting back and saying “welp, I’m fat, that’s it”– it’s about not accepting socially-imposed limits on what we can do and loving our bodies regardless of their shape.


“When we accept our fatness, we accept ourselves as we actually are in the world rather than waiting to attain some external validation that we are as we ‘should’ be. We are able to see our bodies for what they can do and not only for what they can’t do. And quite often, that new acceptance is translated into increased activity levels as it increasingly becomes okay to swim at the pool whilst fat, or walk the dog whilst fat, or play team sport and either not be very good or actually be brilliant, whilst fat. It is a terrible fact that many fat people experience the greatest ridicule whilst engaging in activity: fat bodies are so unacceptable that visibility is actively discouraged through teasing or disapproval or undisguised hostility — this is what the mainstream view of fat and health has led us to and it doesn’t enhance quality of life, let me tell you. We can only end all this sanctioned body-shaming through accepting that humans are diverse, complex, and that we have the right to respect, regardless of size.”

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