W5D3, in the bag.

This is just how it goes for me, I guess.  Takes two tries, but I get it.  20 minutes!

I was going to run this morning, and I thought ‘no, it might be like last time, wait until the evening, I have more energy then.’  Of course, the weekend of recovery probably helped too.  Anyway… it was surprisingly not terrible.  Didn’t feel too slow or draggy, legs felt good, kept up a nice steady pace.  The first 5 minutes was kind of tough, got to 10 and I was really feeling it, then I hit 13 and said ‘hey 13 already?’ and then 16 rolled around and I said ‘well I can’t quit now can I’ and then it was 20.

After I’ve been running for a while, I get this tingly feeling in my head.  It’s not bad, it’s just, well, tingly.  I hope I’m not hyperventilating!  Maybe I should focus on my breathing more.

Ran by quite a few people today out with their dogs, walking, or running.  This one guy kept looking back quizzically at at me as I approached him from behind, but then he made a little cheer-y gesture at me when I ran past.  That made me smile.

There is one thing just driving me nuts.  I keep wondering how many calories 20 minutes of running burns.  Like that’s the important thing, right?  Never mind that I can athletically push myself to do things I have never in my life done before– how many calories is it?  Thank you, dieting brain.  Thank you for reducing this accomplishment to a number that can be translated into either cookies or fractions of pounds.  gtfo please.

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