…has anyone seen my motivation…

Ran the two 10-minute intervals of W6D2 today.  It seems okay now that it’s all over but it really was a slog.  Now that I’ve achieved my 20-minute mini-goal, it feels like going backwards.  (Don’t worry; W6D3 is a 25-minute run to look forward to, and no more intervals ever again!)  I get the feeling that W6 is mostly about working on improving your speed rather than running longer, and I’ve been trying to run it that way, but it is hard to keep going!

On the other hand, I’m nearly there.  W9 is graduation.  By that point I’m supposed to be a super-awesome runner right?  I think I still have a long way to go before then.

When I was young I took many years of piano lessons.  There was this one book of torture exercises by this guy named Hanon; every week my teacher would assign one for me to learn.  They were boring and repetitive, but they were meant to teach technique and help the fingers to execute common patterns with deftness.  The book said, “Once you have mastered all these exercises, play through the whole book each day without stopping.”

For some reason I feel like the C25k program should be like that.  Once I’ve mastered it, I should run the whole thing, from W1 to W9, each time.  It’d be a long workout though…

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