Rainy running

The weather here has been kind of shitey lately, but I really really wanted to get a run in.  So, I left work a bit early while things were dryish, got home, changed, and ran for about 15 minutes in drizzle before the heavens opened.  I always had this idea that running in the rain would be refreshing.  That is completely, 100% not true.  It’s sticky and water drips off my nose and into my eyes.  I don’t like it.

Week 6 is kicking my butt hard.  I went back to Robert today (oh Robert, I can’t quit you) mostly because I didn’t want to take my phone out in the monsoon.  So I took the little ipod instead.  I think I respond well to his authoritarianism.  “I will run until Robert tells me I can stop.”  It works.

Now I am going back to work for a couple more hours.  Sigh.

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