Welp, this is why I keep ibuprofen around the house.  I have been religious about allowing at least a day between runs for recovery.  Until today.

I ran yesterday but (partially due to an interaction with a jerk on the trail that left me really pissed) I only ran for half the time I should have, 13 minutes or so.  So I decided to run today too, to do an ‘additive’ run, going for 19 minutes (the two days does make it more than a W7 run, for what it’s worth) and called it when my calves started hurting.  Now they are very ow.  Hopefully I haven’t done any damage.

Update as of 30 minutes later: I am okay, you can send the National Guard home.  I’ll probably be a little sore tomorrow but I’m ok :)

Edit as of “tomorrow”: I’m fine, haha.  Not even sore.  I worry too much.

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