Another 25 minute run.  This is technically the last day of w7.  Now I am faced between two technically unpleasant choices: I can do my traditional fourth day for w7, or I can push forward into w8 and 28 minutes.  I should probably do a fourth day… it’s only 3 more minutes but I am beat at the end of 25– like seriously, ok-scrape-me-off-the-trail-now beat.  Maybe I’ll cobble together something fun for my fourth day of w7, do some fartlek or something and take an extra day for recovery.  (Plus fartlek is such a great word.)

The only thing I wish is that I was faster.  I’m running for longer, but I’m not covering that much more ground!  I know I’m adjusting my pace so I don’t get Type A tired too fast, but 25 minutes to cover 2 miles seems so slow.

I think I need to go back and read my posts again about when I was excited to make my 5 minute intervals and remind myself how far I’ve come…

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