On hold

So w8 is on hold currently– I turned my ankle walking home from the grocery store yesterday.  Stupid uneven sidewalk.  I hate limping around.  Hopefully it’ll feel better by the weekend.

I did promise a gear post at the beginning of all this, didn’t I?  I suppose now is as good as ever!

The most important item in my running gear is the Freya Active Underwire sports bra.  Worth every penny to keep my rack o’ doom (36FF, hon) in place.  Seriously, you know how people that win the Oscars go up and thank the people responsible for their success?  If I won the running Oscars I would thank this bra.  “You’ve supported me through the miles, never bouncing.”  And I’d cry.  Or something.

Shorts.  Perhaps you’ve experienced the dreaded shorts ride-up.  Or the horrifyingly painful Chub Rub.  Somehow I dodged these bullets with a pair of fitted, nearly knee-length shorts.  They do the trick quite nicely.  (They are made by Danskin and I bought them at Walmart.  Amazingly, Walmart has a great selection of plus-size workout clothing.  The “nicer” activewear stores tend to stop at XL, as if no one above that size would want good-looking comfortable activewear.)  I should go back one of these days and see if they have a similar pair of pants, as it’s getting chilly.

When I went shoe shopping, there wasn’t much choice.  I have wide feet, and there was a single style of women’s wide running shoes at the store.  So I bought it, and I’ve been happy enough with the shoes so far.  They are comfortable and have lots of cushioning and don’t make my feet fall asleep.  (They are Asics Gel Kahana 4s, for those playing along at home.)

Add an old tshirt, a pair of socks, and an ipod and that’s how I roll.

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