Nearly forgot!

Finally got back on the trail today, if only for a short time.  My ankle’s all better, but work has been crazy– I didn’t get home long enough before dark today so I only ran for 10 minutes or so.  I tried to run hard to make up for the shortness, I don’t think it really works like that though.  It was refreshing and felt really good– just the thing to burn off the icky stress.

Now that it’s getting dark so early I might have to just bite the bullet and join the gym at work and run on the treadmill.  It’s not terribly expensive (~$300/year) but running on treadmills is seriously, seriously boring.  I always make comments about hamster wheels.  But at least I can use the weights and other machines and do some classes too.  I’m just terrified of running into my coworkers in there… ugh!

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