Happy Friday!

Day #2 at the gym, really really nice run today– I feel great.  Back up to 20 minutes already, I was expecting the ramp up to be longer but I am apparently right back in the swing.  Hopefully next week I’ll be rockin the 25 minutes and then on we go.

I’m still not 100% sold on the treadmill, but it does make it a lot easier to just put your brain in neutral while running.  On the trail I had to watch my feet, keep away from people and their dogs, and make sure no one was trying to overtake me on a bike or creep on me or anything.  Treadmill it’s just ipod on, tv in front of me, oh snap 20 minutes already.  No Hills o’ Doom either!

As you guys know, I’m big on FA/HAES.  I wasn’t comfortable moving my body in a vigorous fashion until I came to peace with my body and accepted my fat.  Well, I am now experiencing a side effect of thoughtful eating and adding enjoyable exercise to my life: losing weight (just a bit).  It seems counter-intuitive, though it shouldn’t be– it’s just odd to come to a weight loss in such a roundabout way, through a positive experience rather than dieting hell.  Besides, even if my weight didn’t change, I still feel better.  I’m taking better care of myself!  And I know that there are much better ways to determine my self-worth than what the scale says.

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