Yes indeedy. Imma runnin.

Back to 25 minutes today.  Feels so goooooood.  The last 5 minutes were a bona fide battle, but whatevs, then it was done :)  That’s the fun thing about blogging (nearly) every workout; you get through it and then you get to go online and cheerlead for a little bit.  It’s nice!  Patting myself on the back and all.

The gym is still working out okay, but I’m finding I get some odd looks.  Yes, I’m fat.  Yes, I’m running for long periods of time.  Apparently this causes cognitive dissonance in some people.  I’m not going to die, I swear.  I’ve been doing this for a while.  Luckily the treadmills are in the back of the room.  I do get the occasional whiff of being someone else’s ‘thinspiration’ but, seriously, f that.  If you’re so insecure that seeing the fat chick running makes you want to crank up the treadmill… that, my dear, is your issue.  Not mine.

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