Small change in plans

Since it’s Wednesday, I headed to the gym.  But I think I pushed too hard on Monday; my calves were still sore today.  (Always my calves!  grumble grumble)  So I took advantage of having all the other machines there, and spent half an hour on the elliptical/stair climber thingie (did you know they have combinations of those two now?  I did not!  Not totally stairclimber-ish, but much more incline than the old ones.)  Gave my big leg muscles a workout and let my calves relax.  My glutes are quite strong, I found out.  Makes sense, since running is good for the ol’ buttmuscle.  Go ahead, incline, take your best shot.  I got a nice stretch in afterward, too.  It’s so much easier to stretch at the gym, where sitting on the floor doesn’t yield a cat biting my hands for attention.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, a physical with full bloodwork.  It’s been a long time (seriously long, like not since high school).  I’m nervous!  I’m afraid I’m going to walk in and the doctor’s going to say “Whoa there fatty!  You’d better lose some weight right now or you’ll drop dead before sundown!”  And I’ll say, “But I’m in okay shape!  I eat pretty well, work out on a regular basis– I run, even!”  And she’ll say “Pah, lying fatty!  The only workout you get is walking to the fridge for more doughnuts!  Besides, everyone knows fatties can’t run!”  (Obviously I made that all up.  Who keeps doughnuts in the fridge?)  In the end, I guess, the bloodwork will tell the story.  I hope it comes out all right.

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