Making friends

Another Monday, another run.  I did cheat a bit and stopped early, at 23 minutes.  Darn those last two minutes. I notice so much of a difference depending on what I’ve eaten for lunch.  Last Monday I was “well-fueled” from a good lunch and a large snack in the afternoon, and plenty of water, and that run was easy.  Today I didn’t eat so well (remind me not to mix flaxseed in with my brown rice, yuck) and it was harder to get the energy I needed.  It’s perfectly logical but sort of bizarre to me.

One of the cool things about the gym is that sometimes I talk to some nice people there.  I met a woman in the locker room who works in a division related to mine, and we chatted a bit about work and the gym and the classes, and it was really friendly.  She’s changing her schedule to work out in the evenings, so I’ll probably see her again.  Yay community!

I’m trying to cut back a little bit on salt because of the high blood pressure, so I put a can of “no salt added” canned tomatoes into tonight’s dinner pasta.  Alas, in place of the sugar they put in HFCS!  I’m not the HFCS police or anything but c’mon Dole, just give me the tomatoes.

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