Happy Thanksgiving!

Not quite, but close enough for me to wish you all a lovely holiday. :)

Today was a rather different day– I woke up to find that I had no hot water (always a fun discovery) so I packed up my gym bag and headed to work.  My original thought was to shower there in the morning and then run in the afternoon like normally, but then I realized, you know what, it’s the day before Thanksgiving and no one’s even going to be in to notice I’m a bit late and why shower now and then get myself all sweaty later?  So I ran and showered and off to work I went.

The downside is that I have been ravenous all day!  I ate my lunch and was still hungry, and I just ate dinner and I’m still peckish.  Luckily tomorrow will involve a lot of food so I should be able to eliminate any residual hunger pangs (with extra-tasty things, too).

So I’ve been mulling over my doc’s 5x/week recommendation, and have been exercising on my ‘off’ days too this week, just to see how it works.  It’s tricky though.  One of the core tenets of the c25k program is that you need rest days– if you run too much too fast you’ll hurt yourself and then you won’t be able to run at all.  So on non-run days I walk or use the elliptical, and use the weight room too for upper-body stuff.  But I feel like my calves still aren’t getting the rest they need, and I don’t want to push into an overuse injury.

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