Aspirational surgery

I was in the gym doing my ‘day off’ workout (the elliptical machine is so boring) and one of the three TVs on the far wall had an infomercial for something called the “Lifestyle Lift”, some kind of fancy branded facelift that promised to banish any trace of wattle, jowls, or double chin, as well as completely change your life!

Get this surgery and your husband will tell you how hot you are and make passionate love to you right then and there (but he will never realize you’ve had ‘work done’).  Men will check you out, and hit on you while you drive your car.  You will be more employable!  No one likes saggy employees!  Your depression will vanish, followed by a brighter outlook on life.  If you combine the facelift with weight-loss surgery, expect the benefits to be quadruple or more!  It’s practically an instant fix!  Only one week recovery time!

Women are constantly being told that we are not good enough.  That we need to buy a product or get a surgery to be acceptable, to have happy lives.  Guess what.  I am already good enough.  You are already good enough.    We are acceptable.  Live that happy life.

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