A goal achieved

Finally made 2 miles today! It wasn’t fast– it took me just under 30 minutes to run it– but it’s a milestone for me since it’s the first time I’ve run that far. I’ve got a ways to go to 3 miles/5k but it’s good to make progress. And actually, I didn’t find it so difficult. When I stopped I wasn’t too beat. I’ll have to go faster next time.

Afterwards I was at the coffee machine when one of the office ladies cornered me and asked me how much weight I’d lost. (This is the same lady that’s been pestering me to join the office Weight Watchers program.) I told her none, that I wasn’t too worried about it, but that I was excited because I just ran 2 miles and told her about the c25k program. Maybe she’ll look into it.

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2 Responses to A goal achieved

  1. April D says:

    Rock on! That is a wonderful goal, AND a great way to respond to a nosy inquest into weight-loss. Maybe your co-worker will look into an activity because it is FUN! :)

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