Happy Friday

Last run of the week today! Another 2 miles, but it was harder today (probably because I was standing in the kitchen making cookies for hours last night– my legs were tired). I did shave 2 minutes off the time though! And I need to do something about my sports bra, I’m all chafed where it sits against my breastbone.

Now to enjoy some coffee. Also, I’ve found that a couple ibuprofen after a run goes a long way upwards fighting stiffness. Ahh anti-inflammatories, so good.

I like these long runs, but it’s getting tough to justify the extra time it takes. If I want to extend to 3 miles at my current pace, I’m looking at nearly an hour including warm-up/cool-down. I know it’s good for me but that is a lot of time to spend in the gym…

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