Not-quite-technological difficulties

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that throw a wrench into my daily plans of fabulous activity before work.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed as usual, smoothie and coffee for breakfast (note to self, my neighbors probably don’t appreciate frozen fruit in the blender at 6:30a), packed up clothes for work and lunch, and off I went. Got to the gym, onto the elliptical for a boring 30 minutes, and then into the shower. Oh, I forgot to bring a washcloth! Oh well, rub soap on. Out of the shower, time to get dressed. Frantically searched my gym bag in a panic. I forgot a shirt to wear under my cardigan! Grumpily decided that at least the shirt I wore at the gym is solid colored (if sweaty). Put it on, finished getting ready. Left gym, headed upstairs. I forgot my coat! Back to gym, got coat…

Not particularly fabulous. But it works. Also, I am forgetful.

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