In which I ramble

Yet another tough 2 miles. It’s become habit to pack up in the morning and hit the gym, but that doesn’t make 6:30 am Monday morning any more fun. Today I slogged along again, nearly quit after a mile, but set mini-milestones again and got to 2. Ran fast the last 1/4 mi too.

So something’s been on my mind lately… Fat fitness is something that the FA community doesn’t really address. Everyone says movement is great, and lots of folks mention their gym habit in passing, but I’ve never seen another blog about a fat person documenting their personal fitness goals that don’t include intentional weight loss. (If you know of one, I’d love to read it!) We know that exercise is beneficial, and folks can find their own level of comfort with activity that works for their bodies. Some days I do feel my health privilege strongly, and I am aware of my “good fatty” status, and I feel like that gets some doors opened to me, but others slam in my face for having fitness as a focus…

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1 Response to In which I ramble

  1. Merry says:

    I used to have the goal of being thin-and-fit, but I took that off my blog after I encountered Weight Watchers. All the people (mostly women) at the meeting were concerned with losing weight fast, Biggest Loser style, but nobody seemed to care about being able to /do/ things with the body, like run or dance or play. All that mattered was being thin at any cost.
    I figure if I have to choose between being thin and being fit, I’ll take fitness. Probably the body will slim down as I go along, but that’s not the goal.
    And congratulations on kicking that two-mile run to the curb!

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