Every day’s a new day

Back in the swing, sort of. Giving intervals a try again to work on speed, so I was going between a 3.5mph walk and a 5mph run (hey that’s pretty fast for me!) in 0.25 mi increments, after running (more slowly) the first mile. I get the feeling that the gym is going to be a bit more packed next week, what with everyone’s New Years
resolutions, so we’ll see if I need to adjust my schedule.

Interestingly, I didn’t get any flak from my family this year, no “Oh you’ve lost weight!” or anything. Could be that the family crowd was a little different, who knows. I finished Linda Bacon’s Health at Every Size and passed it on to my mom. She’s been asking me lots of questions so it’s a good place to start. She had written up a list of “healthy living” ideas, some were things like “walk more, use the treadmill” but others were things like “don’t eat carbs” and “enter everything I eat into the computer and track my calories” so we shall see what happens.

It’s been a crazy year, full of changes. I think I’ll save that recap for my next post. :)

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