That kind of morning

Happy Friday everyone! I admit to feeling a little rough this morning… I went out for cocktails with a good friend last night and, though I had tons of fun, the drinks caught up with me in the AM. So I’m a little groggy right now, but I did manage to get to the gym and work it out. I think I’ve got it figured out– if I put the elliptical on intervals and crank one up really high and one low it cycles enough to keep me engaged. So I did a vigorous 40 minutes of that and felt rather improved afterward. Even if I felt I like I was sweating gin.

Morning tv is… interesting. Ads for diet pills and cleaning products. I only watch tv when I’m at the gym and it makes me cry a little for the future of humanity each time.

Still PMSing, blah. I wanted sugar in my coffee this morning but all they had was Splenda. It’s awful.

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