Monday Monday…

You know, I like working out Monday morning. I usually don’t exercise on weekends so I’m well rested and ready to go. Today I did a real 2 miles with no walking and in a good time too! I need to work harder on this, but it’s progress. I feel good, but I have the sneezles– I have an allergist appointment tomorrow (finally!) and they told me to stop taking any antihistamines 3 days before the appointment so yeah, my nose is a wreck. It did motivate me to finally clean those nooks and crannies around the house that collect nastiness, like ceiling fan blades… no more pills to compensate for the fact that I haven’t cleaned up all the cat hair and dust…

I’ve volunteered at a local high school competition in a couple weeks, and we just got our job assignments– mine is actually to run questions between the students and the judges in another room, literally running them. This cracks me up! A year ago I would’ve told them “No way can I do this, let me switch jobs with someone else.” Now I’m like yeah whatever, I can do it, put on my running shoes and see the fat woman run, woo! Should be interesting, anyway.

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