Happy Monday! I got to the gym early this morning with the intention of trying a longer run, since it’s Monday and that’s usually my best day after the weekend’s rest. But alas, it was not to be: calf pain! I suspect I know the cause… My everyday wear-around shoes are Danskos, with the lovely thick roll-y soles. They’re great for walking; I can go forever in them. But if by some chance I happen to run in them, if I’m hurrying to cross the street or catching up with someone or something, man do they make my legs hurt! They are definitely not made for running; the soles have zero flex and no squish either, it’s like strapping your feet to boards and trying to run, the feet can’t act like springs and mitigate the impact, it goes straight to my ankles and calves and knees. Hence next-day pain when I run!

Not really relatedly… I’m starting to feel like I need to kick my workouts up a notch. I finish them and I don’t feel properly worn-out, I guess? It’s an odd feeling. My legs feel exerted but it’s a feeling in my gut. I can’t explain it. It feels weird, and I think it means I need to work harder.

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