It’s all talk

45 lovely elliptical-filled minutes today. Apparently Tuesday is the day when everyone I know goes to the gym… I’m hamster-wheeling along, trying to focus long enough to read my Kindle while bobbing up and down and I feel a hand on my shoulder. Oh, it’s my coworker! The really chatty guy! Really really really chatty! He takes the machine next to me and starts to… chat. I pull my earbud out, listen and nod for a sentence or two, then reposition my Kindle, say “Well, enjoy!” and put the earbud back in. In the meantime, yet another coworker is in the back walking on a treadmill, in street clothes, talking on his phone, and waves casually to me when I leave, and another is on a bike. I don’t even know.

It’s cool that we have such a nice gym at work and that people really use it often, but sometimes it’s so awkward.

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