I am not alone!

One of the posts in my Notes from the Fatosphere feed this morning (you can see it at the right side of the page here) was a wonderful article by, yes, another fat runner!  And there are lots of lovely comments by other fat runners, and fat folks who want to run.  They’re so inspiring!

It seems most of us have had a similar experience finding gear to run in.  (My own gear post is here; now I have different shoes and I’ve been wearing polyester mesh long pants from Target, which go up to a 2x and that works for me, luckily.)  I am super-excited to hear that Nike makes tech activewear in larger sizes– like seriously Nike, your shoes don’t work for me but big ups for that.

Wow, I am just so excited!  We’ve all got our own hurdles to get over but we’re moving in ways that work for us!  It’s so positive!  Go over there and read that post!

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1 Response to I am not alone!

  1. thanks for the link love! :) and WOOHOO for you re your 3 mile run!

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