Oh goodness did it feel great to get back to the gym today. After my epic run last Wednesday I was very sore (not surprising) so I skipped Thursday and Friday. I don’t usually work out on weekends and I had Monday off; I meant to go out for an outside run before it got cold and started snowing but I missed that window. So today I did my 40 minutes ellipticaling and it was nice. I can tell when something’s become a habit… Sunday and Monday I was super super fidgety and really wanted to move but I didn’t.

In less-happy habits… I quit smoking a couple years ago but after last week I bought a pack again (in a fit of pique, apparently), and then another. I’ll stop again eventually. I know it’s awful for me and it makes everyone hate me and think I’m an awful person. Some day I’ll write something on the parallel between smoking and FA (with the caveat that smoking is definitely bad for health, while being fat is neutral). It does feel rather similar sometimes…

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2 Responses to Habits

  1. Here’s what I think about the smoking: Give yourself grace. Give yourself plenty of good things to do that don’t involve smoking. You’re right, you’ll stop again when you’re ready. And feeling bad isn’t going to make that happen any faster.
    Your worth and value aren’t tied to you being a nonsmoker.

  2. G says:

    Thanks, I needed that. :) I appreciate the kindness pick-me-up.

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