Minty fresh and squeaky (clean?)

Got a nice vigorous workout in today! 30 boring minutes on the elliptical– not my favorite one with the adjustable incline, but the other, extra boring kind where only the resistance varies– and then ran a rather fastish (for me) mile and had a nice walking cooldown. It felt really good. I’m not sure how I got all this extra energy this morning, though! I wore my old shoes in since I didn’t expect to be running (they’re wider, so they’re nicer for ellipticalling but they don’t have enough cushion left in them for running) so my calves are twingey now. Hi there ibuprofen, you are my friend.

And then I had a nice cool shower. I’ve taken to making my own cleansing concoctions– I like the Bronners peppermint soap but it dries my skin, so I mixed it with some Kiehl’s creme de corps cleansing cream stuff, which is moisturizing but doesn’t foam. So that made it minty and bubbly and moisturizing, and I was happy and tingly fresh.

So when I got on the treadmill today it started making this awful unholy squeak. I turned up my ipod but I could still hear it going eeeEEEEEEEEEeeEEEEEeeeEEEEEEEEEE. I dislike squeaky workout machines, not because the squeaking bugs me but because I fear the perception that the fat chick is ruining them by using them (for their intended purpose, of course) and making them squeaky. Anyway, after I was done I told the woman at the front desk that the treadmill was noisy and I swear she looked at me like I broke it. Whatevs lady, it made that noise as soon as I turned it on.

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