Pumped up

Went back to the weight machines today. Two things of note:

1) Lifted a lot more today. Probably too much– well, with my upper body at least. Lower body is fine. I need to pick up a clipboard from my gym and keep track of what I’m doing; I forget. My arms and chest and back are wobbly now and are going to hate me tomorrow, especially my triceps– why did I max them out? Also, weight machines need to be kinder to people with boobs. Like the seated row machine? Not kind. I skipped the pulley-weight-arms-thingie (no idea of the proper name of that one) because last time I used it my arms were all awkward with my chest in the way (it’s impossible for me to
straight-arm reach across my chest). I told coworker I was skipping that one and he looked confused and I didn’t really feel like explaining it to him.

2) Much less awkward lifting with coworker this time! We both sort of did our own thing; I asked questions where necessary and it worked out okay. He’s apparently not chatty in the gym so my attempts at making small talk fizzled. Just as well. I hate small talk and I’m bad at it.

I’m so full of fidgety energy right now. Sitting at my desk at work sucks.

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