Double Decker Day

Not one, but two sessions of activity today! I lifted weights with J in the morning, then after work I went and played tennis with my coworkers. I’m pretty beat and I suspect I am going to be very sore tomorrow. (My legs are already complaining…)

I love tennis. When I was in middle school I took group lessons during the summer and got kind of good, but my high school didn’t have a team so I never continued playing on any kind of competitive level. I’m not very good at it now, but I enjoy chasing that little yellow ball, and there’s nothing quite like that satisfying THWOCK when you hit the ball just right.

But it’s a little weird going out there to play with my coworkers, you know? There I was in my way-too-big men’s basketball shorts (have you ever tried to find plus-size women’s shorts with pockets? it’s incredible) and ill-fitting court shoes running around being kind of bad at tennis, and I have to look these people in the face at the office tomorrow. I mean, it’s all fun and games, but are folks going to look at me and say “oh there’s the fat woman trying to be all athletic and failing”? Enh. Whatever. More THWOCK please.

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