Quickie update

Shamalam, my hammies!* It says something about today that I worked out at 8am and now, at 3:30pm, I am finally getting 5 minutes to write about it. Whew! Take a breath. Anyway, my schedule this week is kind of disrupted. I worked at home yesterday and I don’t care what you say, 35F is too cold to run outside so I just sat around fidgety all day. Tuesday mornings are usually weight-lifting days but I had a meeting overlapping with the time J and I go so I skipped that but did the elliptical before work instead. 40 minutes of that was not very exciting and not enough to make me un-fidgety. I guess if I have more energy to burn I can go back after work? Is that obsessive? :)

Funny story: when I was in high school I was not thin but I had strong abs– every night I would do 50 sit-ups in bed before I went to sleep. (My friend who was thin did the same thing, and she had a 6-pack. Life is unfair.) I’m not a big fan of doing them at the gym now, so I’ve picked that before-bed habit back up. Interestingly, it’s perfect for making me sleepy and calming my head.

* I don’t know where this greeting came from, but I like it.

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