I was not expecting to do 3 miles this morning, yet I did. I haven’t run a long one in a while, so it was good, but right now (4 hours later) I am very tired. (Lunch and a cupcake helps too.) The run was okay– the hardest part of it was actually the first mile. I had nice fresh legs, since I hadn’t run since last Friday, but I was a little twingey– but I kept going, and it went away. Lots of things go away when you keep going. :) By the time I got to the last quarter mile I was like ‘pffft whatever I could do this all day’. (Which is a lie.)

So I was cranky this morning, as I often am, and when I got in the locker room I found that someone had spread all her crap out along an entire bench rather than putting it into a locker. I recognized her shoes– she had done the same thing yesterday, and all her junk was in my way– so I said (in a rather loud sotto voce) “Again? seriously lady? I guess lockers are hard.” (There may have been some expletives too.) Anyway, the woman was at the sink while I was muttering at the other side of the wall. I felt bitchface but her stuff was mysteriously gone when I got back from my run, so mission accomplished.

I usually pack my lunch everyday into one of those containers with multiple bowls inside. It’s a fairly big container but I’ve learned how much I want for lunch so I pack just enough in. Today I had baked chicken, brown rice, and butternut squash– I cook on Sunday for the whole week and it works out pretty well. Anyway, I ate with my coworkers and was struck at how little my female coworkers eat. One had one of those tiny, unappetizing Lean Cuisine meals, and another had some lettuce and cherry tomatoes. I’d be starving again by 2! Of course, they’re thin. I am just not willing to battle perpetual hunger while I’m trying to work.

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