Feelin hot hot hot

It was a beautiful day here today– the warmest yet, topping out at around 87º. I had brought my gym kit in to work but decided to head home and hit the trail instead, which was totally worth it! I went out a different way and ran on the far trail for a mile and a half, got totally turned around, and walked until I could find my bearings, then ran another half mile or so. It turned out to be a pretty good loop, 3 miles or so. And I can make it bigger easily. But dang was it hot out! I need to start bringing water because I get super dehydrated and dry out there. And chapstick. Definitely more chapstick.

I think I like loops. For me, the bestest part of the run is the going out– I feel like I can go forever when I’m headed away from home, but then I start worrying about if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and I should turn around because I’m not going to be able to get back. I admit to being rather concerned when I stopped and said … “I have no clue where I am.” But it turned out okay. And now I know!

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