This is a good blog post and you should feel good.

Another Thursday, another PUMP IRON with J. I tried to take the excellent advice I got last week and not try to max weight and reps at the same time, and it worked out pretty well. I’ve decided that I want to focus on reps with my legs, and weight with my arms. I also added some calf raises, which I hope will strengthen my legs and help my running. It felt really good and I feel really good. :)

I got accosted by Dieting Coworker again this morning. “You’re really trimming down, girl!” My response? “Pffffffffft.” I am so classy. She gave me this confused look, not understanding why I made such a response to her compliment/body policing. Finally, I said “I’m really not too worried about it.” I wasn’t trying to be mean, and I didn’t want to launch into a FA tirade. But I try to accept my body at all its sizes– it’s just as awesome now as it was X pounds ago, except now I have to buy all new pants :(

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