Unconventional workout

I skipped running on Friday– I tried to play tennis after work on Thursday to find that my legs hurt. A lot. (Let me tell you, explaining my pain to my coworker dudes was less than pleasant.) So I decided to rest my legs.

Today is a gorgeous day! It’s warm, the sun’s out, and I was itching to get outside for a run but my legs are still twingey and I knew it was a bad idea. I had some errands to run that involved going to a store about 2 miles away, so I decided to walk there and stretch my legs out a bit. And it was actually really nice. Not too strenuous, though there are some good hills on the way, but I worked up a little sweat and got the fidgets out, plus got my shopping done! Win/win.

I want to ask a bigger question though: why do my legs hurt when I trail run? I didn’t run any farther or harder than I do on the treadmill, but man I feel beat up. I also had the lovely problem of my feet falling asleep, too. Maybe it’s time to do shoe roulette again. Sigh.

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