Newton’s First Law

It took some work, but I applied an unbalanced force and got my body at rest moving. (It’s official: I am a dork.)

It’s true, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is gear up and get on the trail, but it’s usually worth doing. I reversed my 3 mile loop today, which means the first part is easy and the end part is hard: there’s a long, gently downhill part at the beginning, and then a very steep, large hill at the end (which I walked up… and still nearly died). Luckily my legs are behaving and everything feels pretty good. Now, must stretch! (she says, as she sits comfortably at the computer)

So I take walking breaks when necessary– no shame in it, as far as I’m concerned– but my legs tend to stiffen up when I walk for too long. I think the secret is to walk for only a little bit at a time, maybe 30 seconds worth, and then get going again. It’s hard when you’re tired, though!

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