And a side of plague, please

Sick again! This is so frustrating. I spoke too soon about not having gotten sick over the winter, and now I’ve had a double whammy strep throat/cold. I’m over the hump with the cold at least, out of the runny nose phase and into the stuffy/cough-y phase. I just need some downtime to work on getting better… this means I may have to stop doing fun things… like going to concerts and staying out until midnight… ahem.

J dragged me to the gym (okay he didn’t really) and I had a surprisingly good time lifting weights. It’s so neat to see the incremental changes, slowly getting stronger as I practice. It’s an extra 5 pounds here and there, but it feels good to be progressing. I keep a sheet noting the weight/reps and when it gets easy I put a little “+” next to the weight, reminding me to push myself and increase the weight the next time.

And on a serious note… I love reading the FA blogs out there, I really do. People have amazing insights and it’s wonderful. But. (you knew there was a ‘but’ there) It seems like the most prominent FA voices out there are married women. And they often write about their husbands, and it seems to come from a place of “I got a man and he loves me and I love me too” sometimes, you know what I mean? It’s easier to do FA when you have a dedicated person around to support you and help you appreciate your body. And that’s okay! But as a single person, who struggles with accepting herself while trying to date and placing herself into situations where her body is up for that kind of judging by others, my experience is much different.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear what other people think about this.

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1 Response to And a side of plague, please

  1. I think it is so much easier to accept your body when there is someone permanentish in your life who thinks it is awesome too.

    When I was single I was thin so I don’t have much to add on this topic but, if you read the fatosphere feed Tasha Fierce now has a sex and dating blog.

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