Heat issues

Today was the hottest day of the year so far– about 95ºF, but not too humid– and naturally it was a run day, so out I went. I didn’t get up early in the morning (6:30am on a holiday? I think not) so I had to wait until the heat of the day started to ebb. Around 7pm, it was only (“only”) 85ºF and I hit the trail, doing my 3 mile loop. It wasn’t shaded, but the sun was low enough that it wasn’t beating on me, though I did sweat an incredible amount. All in all, not a terrible run? I’m happy with it and it got the fidgets out.

I am historically very sensitive to heat. My whole life I’ve been plagued by migraines, and one of my most reliable triggers is being out in the sun and getting dehydrated. (I was that kid who would get headaches and be sick on the bus after school field trips. Fun times!) I manage headaches now by taking magnesium, staying hydrated, and plenty of Excedrin when the situation calls for it, but I still worry about getting one, especially when I’m out in the sun getting sweaty.

So I am pretty surprised by how well I’ve tolerated the heat the last few times I’ve run in it. About halfway through I noticed I hit the point where my sweat stopped being effective, or where I stopped sweating as much and wasn’t cooling myself well? It’s hard to explain the feeling, and usually it’s a bad sign. But I did okay, probably because I was well-hydrated to begin with. I should invest in one of those hydration belts or something. Any recommendations?

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