All by myself

J is out today (lucky!) so I hit the weight room alone today. I’m starting to get a feel for my own way of doing things; today I decided that the bicep weight machine was silly (it is; it doesn’t ‘fit’ me right and feels weird) so I used barbells and got a much better isolation and it didn’t hurt. I increased the weight on a couple of the machines I dislike (I’m looking at you, chest press). And I added in some obliques twisty things with a kettlebell. I doubt I will ever have abs of steel, but it can’t hurt to try, eh?

When I was in high school I took a ‘muscle development’ in lieu of gym class one semester, and we learned how to use barbells and free weights. I’m so thankful that I learned how to do that! If I ever decide to drop my gym membership I can still keep lifting.

Well, it turns out that I got a headache after all yesterday– not a bad one though. I took a couple ibuprofen before bed and when I woke up it was gone, thank goodness.

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