Broken headphones

I had a bad case of the Mondays and couldn’t get motivated this morning, so instead I had to wait until I got home to hit the trail. The sun is setting later luckily; I had to do laundry before so I didn’t actually start running until 8, and finished just as it was starting to get too dark. It could be the cool, non-humid weather; it could be running well-fueled in the evening; it could be lots of things but I had a great run and managed the 3 mile loop with only one short walking break in the middle. I was dragging by the end, but the encroaching darkness was a great motivator!

I must’ve broken my headphones over the weekend– when I turned my ipod on I only heard music in one ear– so I tucked the headphones into my bra and ran without music. It was actually surprisingly nice, to have awareness of what was around me and to be able to hear the sounds of nature and my breathing and the patter of my feet on the pavement. When I started running I hated to hear the sound of my breathing– I felt like I was loud and gasping and everyone could hear how out of shape I was and I was embarrassed. I turned the music up loud to block out my breathing. I guess now I’m not embarrassed. :)

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