Yoga #1

First yoga class!

In search of the third leg of my fitness footstool, I went to a yoga class at the gym this afternoon. It wasn’t ‘proper’ yoga– it was something called Yoga Flex, which sounded right up my alley. I was so nervous– I’d never been to a class at a gym before! I showed up a little early, told the instructor I was new and asked if there was anything I should know– she said to grab a yoga strap and a mat (I grabbed the wrong kind of mat actually; will correct that next time).

It started with deep breathing stuff, and then moved into different poses and stretches. Some were easy, but some were pretty hard (the one in ‘table’ position where you lifted your right arm/leg parallel to the ground kicked my butt!) I definitely broke a sweat and had shaky muscles. I’m sure I wasn’t doing it all correctly, but the instructor made small reminders and didn’t seem to worry much about it.

It felt great when I was done! I felt a foot taller.

Next time I will have to wear different clothes though. I had a baggy tshirt (my typical gym-wear) and, well, it’s a good thing it was all women and no one was paying attention and I was in the back row.

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