Second (and last) vacation run today. It’s really nice to have the fresh scenery and lack of time constraints; it makes running extra fun. And plus, when I’m done I can take my water on the back deck and put my feet up and listen to the wind blow through the trees. I am doing this right now. :)

3.7 miles according to the thingie. I made a point to run on all the side streets along the going-out route, so that added some distance. The thingie also informed me that this was my longest run yet! So yay.

When I’m tired it’s really easy to get into a pattern of shuffling along, just plodding and barely putting one foot ahead of the other. Today I made a point of reaching ahead with my feet, extending my stride. It was a little harder but it made me lots faster. I had to keep reminding myself as I went not to slip back into my old habit, though.

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