Creature of habit

I feel like I’ve been slacking! After my long run last week I didn’t get in another run (flew home from vacation Saturday morning, stuff to do all weekend) and Monday I felt crappy and I missed weights with J this morning because I overslept. So this afternoon I went to the gym by myself. I did a mile on the treadmill (fast one, less than 12 minute, woo), did my usual weight-lifting (minus the leg-y bits) and then ran another mile (a little slower). Solid, eh? I’m happy with it. It felt good to get back to my old routine.

Exercising helps my mood, I’ve found. If I feel sort of moody or blah, a bit of workout helps a lot. However, if I’m having major issues in my life it definitely isn’t a panacea. I’m guessing it helps on the micro level but not the macro level, just raising the baseline a bit. No matter what, though, I never finish a workout and say "I shouldn’t have done that," unless I hurt myself :)

I think it feels good to remind me that I am also what I can do. And I can do a lot!

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