Late update!

Nearly time for bed, and here I am blogging. Anyway, conned my friend into doing another night-time run around the lake since it was a nice night; 2 miles running and walking with him. It’s a little strange but it works out overall: he runs faster than I usually do but I run longer than he does. It’s a compromise, I guess, since I have to run faster to keep up but I take breaks when he does.

Usually I won’t run 2 days in a row– I feel so much better if I give my legs a chance to rest in between. But I feel like this is something I ought to push myself to do eventually? If I ever want to train for longer distances I’ll have to start running more often.

Also, if my legs hurt it helps a lot to sleep with them propped up higher on pillows– no idea why but I’m happy it does!

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