Everyone is faster than me

Multi-workout day today! I did a yoga class this afternoon (not bad, pigeon pose does a number on my hips and I am going to be a sore lady tomorrow), and just got back in from a run. The run was… not great? I got home a bit early today (early dismissal because of the holiday) and had a drink (a lovely dark n stormy made with home-brewed ginger beer) and was still tipsy when I hit the trail. I remember this being fun some other time, but it wasn’t fun today. It didn’t take long for the buzz to wear off, and then I realized that I was just dehydrated and felt terrible. (It was hot, 85º, and I am turning into a crystally salt lick as I cool off.) Nevertheless, I completed my 3-mile loop, slowly and painfully.

Everyone was out running today and everyone was faster than me. I mean, the trail isn’t a race and I’m just happy that I can do it. But… it’s really disheartening sometimes. For example, when I was out running with my friend, he demonstrated just how slow I was running by dropping into a (speedy, but still) walk next to me. (Jerk.)

The purpose of this endeavor is not to be the best, or the fastest. It really isn’t. And feeling competitive makes me feel awful. I don’t run to feel awful, I run because it feels good and it’s fun. I’m getting better at it, it’s a process and some runs are good and some are not so good. Some days the hard part is convincing myself that I’m enjoying it.

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