Another goal achieved: 4 miles

I’ve said it many times: I always have the best runs when I start off grumpy and unmotivated. I dragged myself to the gym this afternoon after completely failing at going running outside this morning (it may have been only 75 degrees, but 95% humidity…) and I got on the treadmill all cranky and not wanting to do it. And then I ran 4 miles. Not much walking, considering; I took 0.25 mile after 2 miles, and then another 0.25 mile after 3. Took me about 50 minutes, overall. It’s odd to watch myself do new things; it seems like not very long ago that I hit 3 miles. At this rate, I might be running a marathon in… oh, 5 or 6 years ;)

Of all the adjectives I like to use for myself, I think vigorous is pretty cool. Here is the definition:

adjective /ˈvig(ə)rəs/ 

  1. (of a person) Strong, healthy, and full of energy
  2. Characterized by or involving physical strength, effort, or energy
  3. (of language) Forceful
  4. (of a plant) Growing strongly

I would like to lay claim to all of these meanings. :)

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2 Responses to Another goal achieved: 4 miles

  1. Laura says:

    I was grumpy this morning as well but somewhere around 1.5 m I perked up and ended up having a pretty good run too!

    My actual adjective might be: mediocre.

    My aspired adjective is: excellent.

    I am trying to run towards this adjective.

  2. G says:

    Hi Laura! Honestly, I don’t think mediocre is all that bad? For me, I’d rather be consistently mediocre than just occasionally excellent. Plus, our bar for ‘mediocre’ and ‘excellent’ keeps on moving as we practice and get better at things. What seemed a distant ‘excellent’ a year ago is today’s mediocre. But we keep running in that direction!

    Jeez, listen to me, I’m so chirpy! :)

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