Work healthy living programs

I lifted weights this morning hoping that it would alleviate some stress and anxiety. It didn’t. It never does. But at least I got a good workout out of the deal? I have to remember that exercise always helps on a micro level but not a macro level– it’s not going to cure my problems and make me feel better right now, but I will feel better in general.

My work has come up with this healthy living contest; people who join up make teams and earn points based on some arbitrary definition of "healthy" activities (taking the stairs, bringing a "healthy" lunch, going to the gym).

The coordinator bugged and bugged me to join. "C’mon," he said. "You’ll earn so many points for the things you already do! Everyone will want you on their team."

I declined (repeatedly). "I’m not competitive*," I said. "I just want to do my thing."

The real reason I declined is that it’s just a badly-disguised weight loss program. The coordinator didn’t say anything about weight, but the flyers and signs are all covered with scales and tape measures and downward-trending graphs. Apples wrapped in tape measures? What does that even mean?

* Competition is a weird thing for me anyway. It completely derails me and makes me feel terrible about whatever I’m working on. I’m much, much happier if I’m doing something for myself, rather than to compete.

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