Long runs, hard runs

4 miles on the schedule today. It was not great, but it’s done. I ran from my work down to the park again; the extra mile meant I went from the "valley trail" to the "ridge trail". You know what "ridge trail" means? Big hills and plenty of rocks! There was a lot of "okay! gonna run up this hill! … oh, wait, wait, no I’m not … okay! going to walk up this hill!" I’m still adjusting to the length of the run, let alone adding hills! But I’m pretty happy with it. For one thing, no more running until Monday! (and then I start my 3-4-4 week, hooboy.)


One of the tougher parts of doing a strenuous exercise regimen has been accepting the fact that I am always going to be a little sore, somewhere.

At this moment, my calves are twingey (no more than normal post-run, so I’m okay), my abs are sore from situps and oblique twisty things, and my upper back and groin are sore from lifting weights. My left knee makes some interesting noises. I have an epic blister on my right big toe, and I think I bruised my right heel on a rock at some point.

I’ve spoken with much fitter people than me, just to make sure I’m not destroying my body. "No," they said. "I’m always sore too. That’s just how it goes."

But when I’m beating my body up on the daily, I try to take extra good care of myself. I no longer skip stretching. I eat well, I eat enough, and I take vitamins to make sure I’m getting what I need. Ibuprofen is a good friend, since it reduces inflammation. I wear comfortable shoes whenever I can.

If you’re driving a racecar, you give it premium gas and keep it well-maintained. I try to do the same for my body.

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2 Responses to Long runs, hard runs

  1. I’m not a runner so I don’t know how much this would apply but I do yoga every morning (obviously this is not feasible for you or many people lol) and I find I am not nearly as sore as I used to be.

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