One day at a time

Started week 2, day 1 of my training today (this week is 3,4,4).  Between work and the weather and all the things I have to do this evening I decided that I had to force myself to run in the morning.  So I got out at 6:30 and did my 3 miles on the trail. It was not super, but it’s done.  Around 1.5 miles I always lose my motivation– the first mile is easy, the last mile I’m determined, but that bit there in the middle feels like torture.


I talk about my running routine.  To everyone.  A lot.  It’s a big part of my life.  Sometimes, people reply, “Wow, that’s great!  Good for you!”

And sometimes, people start giving me reasons why they can’t run, like they need to apologize or make excuses.  I’m not sure why this happens!  I’m enthusiastic about my own activity, but this always seems like I am making them feel bad somehow.  I need to work on a graceful way to deflect these comments.

I’ve started brushing it off with a chuckle and a “It’s not for everyone, plus you enjoy {walking/biking/etc} so much” if I know they do an activity.

I admit that sometimes I sound proselytizing but hopefully people see that it’s just because I’m excited, not because I’m trying to convince them?  Because what they do with their bodies ain’t none of my business.

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